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    Fiio Launched New Flagship Portable Player M11 Pro

    CanJam Global 2019 has come to its fourth stop: London. FiiO, as one of the privileged exhibitors, launched their new flagship portable player M11 Pro at booth A3. More Key Features of the FiiO M11 Pro include: * Copious amounts of RAM and storage (3GB RAM + 64GB ROM) * Supports up to PCM...
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    The First True All-in-One 8K 360° VR Camera

    Updates : Official Video:
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    The First True All-in-One 8K 360° VR Camera

    Pilot OS Version 4.4.2 Features Update Info Source:
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    Poptel P10 User Review - Camera and Antutu Scores

    Great phone with perfect combination of hardware and software.
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    Poptel V9 Video Phone - Info | 8" Touch display | 2+16GB | 5MP Dual | Android 8.1

    The World’s Largest Video Phone Poptel V9 Previously Poptel Introduced rugged smartphones P9000 max, P60, P8, and P10. Now Launched the World’s Largest Video Phone Poptel. There’s a wide range of possibilities when it comes to choosing a landline telephone for your house or small business...
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    Poptel P10 User Review - Camera and Antutu Scores

    Conclusion: Source: Android Authority great time to buy the awesome looking smartphone, because you will get 36% Off. Click HERE
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    Blackview BV9000 Pro Durability Test - Weapons, Spinning KICK, DOG

    I just saw the extreme test of the Poptel P9000 Max and I am surprised. Check the video and find out how strong it is?
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    Poptel P9000 MAX - 5.5" FHD | 4+64GB | 13+5MP | IP68 | 9000mAh

    Poptel P9000 MAX The poptel p9000 max is the first branding phone from poptel company, with 9000mAh big battery and tri-proof features, it acts as a useful tool in a variety of work, outdoors and extreme sports environments. Here we got the unboxing and hands-on video from Poptel Youtube...
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    Nomu M6 - 3D Glossy back Cover - Rugged Phone.

    Nomu M6 is thinnest and most stylish rugged smartphone. Check what you will get in the box.
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    Nomu M6 - 3D Glossy back Cover - Rugged Phone.

    Gorgeous but it made from glass? so shining. I wonder if its drop-proof performance is as good as common rugged phone?
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    Huawei Honor 9 Lite Exterior Copy

    Hello everyone Here i am sharing the two upcoming smartphone design look like Huawei Honor 9 Lite. The company presented both in Mobile World Congress 2018. Huawei Honor 9 Lite ZTE Blade V9 iLA Silk if i ask you which one you will be prefer and your reply will be Huawei Honor 9...
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    Uhans i8 Review

    Benchmark Scores: I used Antutu Benchmark and GeekBench to measure the performance of Uhans i8. The result of Antutu Benchmark is 41899 points. On Geekbench, the result of a Single-Core score is 602, while the Multi-Core is 2568.
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    Nomu T18 Walikie– Talkie smartphone

    NOMU T18, as a professional rugged phone, strong drop-proof ability is fundamental. Watch the video and see how great it copes with the harsh drop test.
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    Nomu S10 Pro

    it’s not easy to make a good rugged phone as it not easy to make a phone be water-proof and drop-proof, cope with cold and heat, and harsh environment, and empowered with big battery, strong signal and powerful navigation capacity, and at the same time stay slim and beautiful. AGM is the first...
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    Uhans K5000 IP68 Rugged smartphone

    I love the toughness of the phone and features as well. I want to see the user review here.
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    Nomu S10 Pro

    First, the delivery speed is very fast. It surprised me when I opened the box. Cool appearance, clean system, few factory software, so that I didn’t need to uninstall unnecessary software. The next is the good battery performance, 49% electricity, only consumes 1% for the first night. What a...