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    WELCOME P20 Pro

    The problem with these phones is that mediatek didnt release sources, so its not easy to cook roms for it. Can you confirm this is a MKT 6592 ?? post a cpuZ sreen pls
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    WELCOME P20 Pro

    Nice video man. didnt know there are replicas of the p20 pro lol
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    Sphere Control - My first game available on android.

    Reminds me of minecraft hahah nice game mate !
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    samsung galaxy s9 plus clone

    so you cant access anything in the recovery ?
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    ive got china samsung s9 its corrupted need to flash a s9 rom please help me where i can download it,,, is the best source. but please post some info about your device first. pictures, screenshots etc
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    Flash Tool Error: Brom error: ?? (8) [Hint]:

    If you have the correct rom/scatter/flashtool version. All you can try is a different cable or pc. if it still doesnt work, the hardware is probably broken
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    How can I load scatter file of Oukitel-C3-V1.3-20161114?

    can you post your scatter and verfiy that older version with flashtool dont work too ?
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    AGM X2 News and Reviews

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    [Friends pleace] Samsung Clone Korea Galaxy S4(GT-i9500) MT6572

    second attachment is not working ? 2.5.3 usually gives correct reading. if its UBIFS its really bad
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    AGM X2 News and Reviews

    did you see the video of the girlfriend shooting her friend with a deagle for clicks ? we could try that with a phone
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    HomTom HT3 Pro - unlock bootloader & TWRP

    that would be great. but well arent there bunch of roms on ?
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    Boot loop and corrupted boot loader!

    which flash file ?
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    AGM X2 News and Reviews

    haha yea top 3 gunproof smartphones :D
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    AGM X2 News and Reviews

    I would like to shoot this with my double barreled shotgun lol
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    Ikon IK-7216 tablet is not turning on

    "My Battery gets Fat from center Too" - Battery blown. Get rid of it, if it gets fat in the middle and blows up its already over. Get a new one and see if its working.
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    ICOO ICOU D70G2 -- Softbricked, Please Help

    If you cant get root by pressing the root button you need to either do a readback and create cwm (this gives you also a backup) or try rooting with a oneclick tool like root genius or similar and try again.
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    ICOO ICOU D70G2 -- Softbricked, Please Help

    also if you are on windows 8 or 10, make sure driver signature enforcement is turned off, this can cause alot of issues.
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    ICOO ICOU D70G2 -- Softbricked, Please Help

    i havent tried it yet, but i plan to do this as first video on my new channel. MTK droid tools stopped developing with version 2.5.3 and the release of the new chipset. But miracle box has a new tool: this should also work with just a usb cable (but...
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    ICOO ICOU D70G2 -- Softbricked, Please Help

    You need to enable USB debugging in the developer options to show up. usually there are no drivers needed. try with usb debugging on
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    ICOO ICOU D70G2 -- Softbricked, Please Help

    Its mtk based right ? Can you try to do a mtk droid tools backup ? This would be flashable by sp-flashtool. here is my old video tutorial. i will soon make a new one. cheers,