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    Fiio Launched New Flagship Portable Player M11 Pro

    CanJam Global 2019 has come to its fourth stop: London. FiiO, as one of the privileged exhibitors, launched their new flagship portable player M11 Pro at booth A3. More Key Features of the FiiO M11 Pro include: * Copious amounts of RAM and storage (3GB RAM + 64GB ROM) * Supports up to PCM...
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    The First True All-in-One 8K 360° VR Camera

    Updates : Official Video:
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    The First True All-in-One 8K 360° VR Camera

    Pilot OS Version 4.4.2 Features Update Info Source:
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    Poptel P10 User Review - Camera and Antutu Scores

    Great phone with perfect combination of hardware and software.
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    Poptel V9 Video Phone - Info | 8" Touch display | 2+16GB | 5MP Dual | Android 8.1

    The World’s Largest Video Phone Poptel V9 Previously Poptel Introduced rugged smartphones P9000 max, P60, P8, and P10. Now Launched the World’s Largest Video Phone Poptel. There’s a wide range of possibilities when it comes to choosing a landline telephone for your house or small business...
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    Poptel P10 User Review - Camera and Antutu Scores

    Conclusion: Source: Android Authority great time to buy the awesome looking smartphone, because you will get 36% Off. Click HERE
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    Blackview BV9000 Pro Durability Test - Weapons, Spinning KICK, DOG

    I just saw the extreme test of the Poptel P9000 Max and I am surprised. Check the video and find out how strong it is?
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    Poptel P9000 MAX - 5.5" FHD | 4+64GB | 13+5MP | IP68 | 9000mAh

    Poptel P9000 MAX The poptel p9000 max is the first branding phone from poptel company, with 9000mAh big battery and tri-proof features, it acts as a useful tool in a variety of work, outdoors and extreme sports environments. Here we got the unboxing and hands-on video from Poptel Youtube...
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    Nomu M6 - 3D Glossy back Cover - Rugged Phone.

    Nomu M6 is thinnest and most stylish rugged smartphone. Check what you will get in the box.
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    Nomu M6 - 3D Glossy back Cover - Rugged Phone.

    Gorgeous but it made from glass? so shining. I wonder if its drop-proof performance is as good as common rugged phone?
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    Huawei Honor 9 Lite Exterior Copy

    Hello everyone Here i am sharing the two upcoming smartphone design look like Huawei Honor 9 Lite. The company presented both in Mobile World Congress 2018. Huawei Honor 9 Lite ZTE Blade V9 iLA Silk if i ask you which one you will be prefer and your reply will be Huawei Honor 9...
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    Uhans i8 Review

    Benchmark Scores: I used Antutu Benchmark and GeekBench to measure the performance of Uhans i8. The result of Antutu Benchmark is 41899 points. On Geekbench, the result of a Single-Core score is 602, while the Multi-Core is 2568.
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    Nomu T18 Walikie– Talkie smartphone

    NOMU T18, as a professional rugged phone, strong drop-proof ability is fundamental. Watch the video and see how great it copes with the harsh drop test.