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  1. Vincentifa
    Vincentifa mrsim
    I have a Lenovo S820 China factory setting and will want to change to normal android phone
    1. mrsim
      please create a new thread in the correct section of the forum and i will take a look...and please try to explain in more detail your problem in your thread...thank you
      Jan 22, 2017 at 3:38 PM
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  2. randy
    randy mrsim
    i can't get to recovery mod. the phone would not boot the link wont post. you can kindly send me a email randybissessar12@gmail.com thanks
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    1. mrsim
      randy if you can please use your thread to reply to any posts...thanks mate
      Jan 20, 2017 at 7:37 PM
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  3. randy
    randy mrsim
    Hi need some help please my blu studio 5.0ce d536 was stock on the blu logo i then flash the stock rom now it will not power on but my pc still detect it any help would b appreciated thanks
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    1. mrsim
      randy...did you create a thread in hardware and software support...? if no then do so and we will see what we can do for you
      Jan 20, 2017 at 12:57 PM
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    2. randy
      hi bro i just create one
      Jan 20, 2017 at 2:46 PM
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  4. Dayanand Moth
    Dayanand Moth
    Lenovo Vibe X2-TO device
  5. Leslie Hankins
  6. CoMuNisTa
    A Software Lover
  7. CoMuNisTa
    Looking For + Info 8)
  8. alfan luky
    alfan luky
    Question: how to upgrade system to marshmallow
  9. BenSTAKES
    BenSTAKES mrsim
    I bought a cloned iphone 6 @Goophone 5.5'' i6 i6s 6s Plus 1:1 Dual Core GSM CellPhone Android 5.0:I cant download anything or apps on it, i.e whatsapp or snap chat etc,it freezes or shuts down anytime.Once i power it off and on it says no sim card found etc.did factory reset.The appstore is just not working.I wish I can just completely wioe it out and install a fresh OS on it but i have no clue.
    1. mrsim
      Jan 8, 2017
  10. samsungchina
    samsungchina Percymama
    Hi percy, trying to download droid tools? is there a safe way of downloading it from anywhere?
  11. Pat Gurley
  12. wahid
    help sir I need firmware s7 clone mt6571 board: H8805-71MB-V2.1
  14. svivekk
    svivekk mrsim
    Hello Dear, Recently I bought Motorola moto m from China, not has google play store and google play services. I tried to install by downloading pk files from internet but still these apps are not opening, and popping up error message the "Unfortunately, google play store is stopped".
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    1. mrsim
      google is banned in china...if you purchased a chinese version of this device it will not allow google services to work
      Dec 13, 2016
  15. Dezi
    No obstante
  16. himy31
    i need solutionb for lenovo s850t please
  17. ubmarison
    Let's kick some 'mobile-asses'
  18. S-eagle64
    S-eagle64 itxtutor
    Hello everyone new to the set! Have a question I have a note 2 and the Android is dead, don't know the ROM for that model GT-N7100 Samsung would like to bring it back to life before my wife buy's a I phone 6 is their any help out their?
    Android version is 4.4.2
  19. nerefugido38
    nerefugido38 mrsim
    hi sir can you help me to unbrick my htc d616 ive tried so many things,but still an error say dram failed 4032.thanx
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  20. trustfarm
    Let's go together