Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto VI, and the fate of AAA games

An illustrated version of the Vergecast logo, with screenshots from games.
Illustration by Samar Haddad / The Verge

Video games run the world. They just do. The release of Call of Duty is an economic and cultural event every year, some of the biggest movies and TV shows are based on beloved games, and everybody’s best vacation this year was the hours they spent in Hyrule. Even news of a possible release date for a trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI was huge news! Gaming continues to become more popular across nearly every demographic and every type of game, even as the rest of the entertainment industry looks a little wobbly. Everybody’s a gamer, and games are winning.

And yet, in some ways, the biggest and most important games in the industry seem somewhat in peril. Even the people running the game industry, like Microsoft’s Phil Spencer, think so. AAA…

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