Folding Electric Scooter for adults: Ninebot E22 by Segway

Adult folding electric scooter

Do you remember the original electric scooters by Segway? Namely the ES2 and the ES1. The Ninebot E22 is an upgrade to these old boys. Thereby making it a much better electric fold up scooter when compared to its predecessors. The upgrades implemented on the Ninebot E22 make it a perfect folding electric scooter for adults. With our readers showing a great deal of interest on this topic, we have decided to review it. This article contains a review on the Ninebot E22, focusing on its strengths and weaknesses.


The Design of the Ninebot E22

Smart electric scooter

It is good to see that the Ninebot E22 follows the same concepts as its earlier models. The previous models got the IF Design Award, which is a German certification. The key points that allowed it to reach these heights are its minimalist design and superb value.

Is it really a folding electric scooter for adults?

This is a very common question asked by many when electric scooters are taken into consideration. Even more when the scooter is specified to be a lightweight folding electric scooter. But we can confidently say that all these questions are easily answered when the design of the E22 is taken to the spotlight.


The bending frame of the folding electric scooter is made out of an aluminum alloy classed as aviation-grade. This makes it distinguishable when compared alongside other folding electric scooters for adults. It is very stylish and never looks out of touch. The scooter also comes with its own bell( No need for you to go bell-shopping).


The whole scooter weighs in at 13.2 Kg. Therefore making it one of the best lightweight folding electric scooters out there. It is so light allowing you to move it using a single hand. No more hauling around those heavy/bulky scooters. When folded it is quite similar to a trolley case, and works quite similar to one.

The scooter is only 113 cm when folded. Therefore the Ninebot E22 can easily find its place into subway cars, vehicle trunks and commercial elevators with no difficulty. The Ninebot E22 uses a lithium battery. The lithium battery supports a BMS 5.0 system that is a proprietary system developed by Segway. The Ninebot E22 has a strength limit of 700Kg.


In addition to these design features, the Ninebot E22 has a dual brake system in place. This brake system includes a rear brake and an electronically operated E-ABS brake. The most important aspect of this braking system is its stability. The stopping time is only 4 meters


It does not look like a high end folding electric scooter at first glance. But the gray coloured body represents the grade of the materials used to construct it. While it does not look overly flashy it certainly does the job. This makes it one of the best folding electric scooters for adults as its design fits right in. If your kids want something that looks more colourful, you can always purchase a scooter sticker pack. There are tons of custom sticker designs for the Ninebot E22 online for purchase.


Special features of the Ninebot E22

  • Speed of the Ninebot E22

The base speed of the folding electric scooter is 20Kmph and its effective base range is 22km.

  • Extended battery

One of the coolest features of this folding electric scooter is that its battery life can be extended by expanding it. Of course, this requires a separate purchase outside of the stock model. But it is a valuable feature for those who require that extra speed and range.

With the extra battery the Ninebot E22 can reach a speed of 25kmph and an effective range of 45km.

  • Motor

The electric foldup scooter has a large battery capacity. Therefore the folding electric scooter has a high-power motor installed to fully utilise this. Of course this is not an overly powerful motor. Because when you overload the scooter with power, the consequent power loss and such are hard to control. Therefore this folding electric scooter for adults has a 300W DC motor that is brushless. The peak motor power is 700W, which is enough for climbing sloped areas and starting up breaking the inertia with ease.


Control of the folding Electric Scooter for adults

Smart scooter

Since the Ninebot E22 is a folding electric scooter for adults, we had to pay extra attention towards its handling. We subjected the electric foldup scooter to a series of tests in order to push it to the limits of its handling. The track we chose was 100m long for a few runs of slalom. We even pushed it to try some fast corners and guess what, it came out great!


The wheels gripped onto the road without any issue. We believe the slightly larger than average wheels helped the Ninebot E22 achieve this. Because the electric scooter does not slip it can boost the confidence of its rider substantially.


Personally we felt that the larger wheels of the electric foldup scooter allowed it to have better traction. The larger wheels also meant more strength which allowed the Ninebot E22 to bear its load well. All good points when selecting a folding electric scooter adults.


Lights and safety of the adult folding electric scooter

The Ninebot E22 has a 2.5W LED headlight attached to its front face. This eliminates the need for you to purchase a separate light source to ride the scooter in low light conditions.


A red tail light is attached to the folding electric scooter adults. This will act as a indicator for vehicles that are driving behind you when on the road.


The Ninebot E22 combines its rear brakes, Electronic braking system and its bells(mechanical) to give a fully functional safety system. 


Ninebot E22 APP


The Ninebot E22 is a smart electric scooter. It has its own proprietary app developed by Segway. This allows you to connect your smart electric scooter to your smartphone. Which in turn allows you to track and monitor a number of important parameters. It can monitor your speed, the tightness of the mechanical controls and much more.


The smart electric scooter can even be locked using the app. Just press one button and no one can ride away with it.


Our verdict

We believe the Ninebot E22 is a wonderful smart Electric foldup scooter. It solves one of the biggest issues people face daily, traffic. If you need to travel to work nearby in the rush hour, the Ninebot E22 is a perfect solution. Since it does not have a super flashy design it blends in perfectly with your office wear. Ladies can hugely benefit from it as skirts are not a problem anymore as opposed to riding a bike.

It is elegant, durable and extremely easy to maneuver.


For our customary rating we give it a 5 out of 5.

[rating stars=”5.0″]

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