Flyme 9 Officially Debuted: The Overall Design Is Simplified and Unified

After multiple days of teasers and leaks, today Meizu held a new product launch conference in Zhuhai, its base camp, and officially released the new Flyme 9 system. As a major version update iteration of Flyme, the new Flyme 9 still implements a light and orderly design style. By simplifying the visual elements to unify the design language, the visual effect is improved in a new step.

First of all, it is a very sentimental visual upgrade. Flyme 9 cancels the previous complicated and messy screen fingerprint recognition icon and reduces it to the familiar “small circle” icon, which not only reproduces the classic small circle on the MX 2 model, the button also brings an extremely pure lock screen interface.

On the desktop, Flyme 9 also brings a uniformly designed desktop icon shape, the overall design is a rounded rectangle, and the third-party icon shape can be intelligently transformed through self-developed algorithms, making the entire desktop visual effect completely unified, and enhancing the system desktop The picture unity and sense of order.

At the same time, Flyme 9 has also optimized the desktop layout. You can choose a 5×6 layout and infinitely adjust the display size of the desktop icons. Combined with the new desktop plug-in, it can be easily matched to enrich the desktop effect. The small plug-in can be added to the negative one-screen Aicy overview. Use more efficiently.

In addition, Flyme 9 also removes decorative elements in the application interface and optimizes the layout. Through the mutual collocation of text, colors, and controls, the information is presented to the user in a prioritized manner, only the most direct page logic and necessary elements are retained, and the structure is simplified to maintain clear information transmission.

Not only that, the brand-new Alive wallpaper changes in shape, color, light, and shadow at all times, and can pass through different levels and change shapes. At the same time, it provides a variety of color options, each color is compatible, and supports light and dark modes.

More importantly, in the new generation of Flyme 9, users can create Alive wallpapers by themselves. You can customize the picture as Alive wallpaper to experience the progressive feeling of the rest screen, lock screen, and desktop. At present, the Flyme 9 conference is still in progress, and we will continue to pay attention.

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