Flyme 9 Brings the New Small Window Mode 3.0 Function

Today, Meizu officially released the Flyme 9 system, and at the press conference, Meizu stated that the system, as a medium for users to interact with mobile phones, is the soul of user experience. Looking back at the past, each generation of Flyme can be called a classic. Flyme uses simple and elegant design and innovative and practical functions to create the ultimate experience for users.

It is informed that Flyme 9 focuses on lightness and order, bringing simplified visual elements, a unified design language, and a new design notification center. In addition, Flyme 9 also features novelty and richness, a supports screen display, Alive wallpaper, and Zhiyi animation.

In terms of efficiency, Flyme 9 brings the new small window mode 3.0 function, which allows users to synchronize two applications on the main interface, such as chatting and watching live broadcasts.

Flyme Small Window Mode 3.0

At the same time, Flyme 9 also added more full-screen gesture operations for the New Small Window Mode 3.0, such as pull-down to expand the full screen and immersive multitasking management, slide up one-step floating small window, double-click to change the full screen, etc., and long-press the small window to close the floating small window to apply the sound, slide the floating window to the edge to hide it.

Flyme Small Window Mode 3.0

In the drop-down notification control center interface that users frequently use daily, Flyme 9 has also been refactored to make it more concise and easy to use. Long press the shortcut switch to expand more detailed control options.

On the negative one-screen Aicy overview page, the interface layout is optimized. Users can long-press to manage various square widgets and at the same time strengthen the ability to open the original application.

Flyme Small Window Mode 3.0

It is worth noting that this time the Aicy intelligent voice assistant of Flyme 9 has also particularly strengthened the ability of continuous conversations, and there is no need to wake up the Aicy voice assistant after completing a conversation. Of course, you can also use Aicy to control smart home devices on platforms such as Lipro, Mijia, and Google home.

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