Fitness tracker for women: Fitbit Inspire 2 review

Wearing smartwatches can feel quite uncomfortable especially during sports. Which is why Fitness trackers exist. In this article we will be taking a look at the most accurate fitness tracker we have tested to date. The Fitbit Inspire 2 is what we believe is a perfect fitness tracker for women. Why and how? That is exactly what we will be discussing in this review of fitness tracker.


For the reader:

We tested the Fitbit Inspire 2 over the span of 7 days. During these 7 days a female volunteer tested out this wearable. Due to limitations we were only able to test the watch out during jogs, swims and sleep sessions. The build of the subject was 52Kg standing in at 5 Ft 5 inches.


The Design


Visually at a glance the Fitbit Inspire 2 looks quite similar to the Inspire HR. The Inspire HR was from the previous generation of fitness trackers released by Fitbit. The tracker and band combination used in the fitness tracker is identical to its predecessor.

So how has it changed?

General design 

Fitness tracker for women

The fitness tracker for women has slimmed down in its design. Well, not by a lot but it is certainly noticeable if you look at it with a purpose. As usual the bands in the fitness tracker are removable. This is done to allow the wearer to change the bands to something they prefer rather being stuck with the stock release product. The range of bands from inspire include metal mesh bands and leather straps; pick your favorite and strap it on. In case you do not want to wear it on your wrist, remove the bands and clip it.


The button that was present in the previous models have disappeared. We liked this. It gives a more minimalist and refined look to the fitness tracker. In order to control the Fitbit Inspire 2 you have to press the side of the tracker. By doing so you can access the settings and wake the display when necessary.


The display

Fitness tracker for women

The grayscale display looks quite normal. But there is a major improvement when compared to the previous models. There is a brightness enhancer. This allows you to see the display when you are outdoors during daytime. The text on the display looks a tad bit sharper too.


Fitness tracking


This is probably your main reason to purchase the Fitbit Inspire 2. Like we said before it is the most accurate fitness tracker we have tested so far. The fitness tracker for women allows you to track everything from the steps taken, heart rate to your sleep quality.

The Fitbit Inspire 2 can sync with your phone’s GPS. This allows you to track your activities more accurately when compared to a traditional fitness tracker. To be fair this is what made us class the Fitbit Inspire 2 to be the most accurate fitness tracker on our list so far.


The tracker app

The tracker app allows you to see data such as steps taken and such. Certain data such your calorie intake and water intake have to be added manually in order to be tracked. The band monitors your sleep( this includes REM Sleep) giving you a score that dictates how well you rested on a particular session. We found the gentle vibration alarm on the fitness tracker to be very pleasant and effective when compared to a traditional blaring alarm clock.


Sports tracking


The Fitbit Inspire 2 has a separate exercise mode that functions separate from the fitness tracker. There are over 20 exercise modes that you can go with. In this review of fitness tracker we only tried out two; Sprint/runs and Swimming. The fitness tracker is compact enough to be worn on any sports occasion thanks to its minimalist design; making it a great fitness tracker for women.


Fitbit’s smarttech will automatically recognise certain activities. The device also offers a feature that can track your pool swims, something which we have not seen in other brands.


The sports tracking of the Fitbit Inspire 2 is not the greatest. Which in our minds is understandable because the device was made as a fitness tracker. There were some issues with the GPS sync not functioning properly during a run and the tracking during swimming was not always accurate.

Nevertheless, if you want to track your heart rate during exercise the Fitbit Inspire 2 works just fine.


Smart features


Apart from being a fitness tracker the Fitbit Inspire 2 does have some smartwatch features installed in it. The wearer can view notifications that arrive on their smartphone through the fitness tracker. For this review of fitness tracker, we tried it with both Android and IOS smartphones and it worked just fine.


Battery life

The battery life of the Fitbit Inspire 2 was very promising and it did not let us down. A single charge allows the fitness tracker to function for 10 days straight. That is the most we have ever got from a fitness tracker. It is twice what you got from the Inspire HR.


Our verdict


The Fitbit Inspire 2 is a great fitness tracker. It is slim and light, making it a very comfortable wear. It certainly is one of the best fitness trackers we have tested even though it did not do really well on the sports tracking. This was understandable as that is not a part of its job but just a helpful feature for its users. We did find the smart features of the tracker to be quite handy; especially when you are busy during a jog and can’t reach into your pockets to check your phone. 

For our customary rating we give the Fitbit Inspire 2 : 4 out of 5 stars.

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