Fire HD 8 Kids Edition: A review on the kids tablet

Fire HD 8 Kids edition


Amazon has made its mark making tablet PCs for quite a while now. The Fire HD 8 Kids edition is their latest addition to its growing collection of tablets for kids. Amazon started producing kids tablets a few years back. These models were affordable, colourful and were packed with loads of content to keep youngsters entertained. The Fire HD kids edition is a great tablet PC for kids that gives kids just the bare essentials. It has lots of parental control features to ensure the safety of the child online. We will be reviewing the Fire HD for kids in this article. Do not mix it up with the Fire HD media tablet.


The design and display of the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition


The display of the Fire HD kids edition is similar to its previous predecessors. The display is a simple 800×1280 LCD screen. Right off the bat you must be wondering about its resolution. Sure 800×1280 is not the best display in the world, but keep in mind that this is the Fire HD for kids. Having a high resolution display was not a main priority and we don’t think it should be either. 800×1280 gets the job done and if you want anything more than that you can always buy an ipad pro.

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

The overall design of the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is pretty basic. We were glad to see that Amazon has decided to make it USB-C compatible. The Screen has thick bezels on its sides. When you compare it with other tablets in 2020 we did feel it looked a bit out of place. But we really don’t think kids yearn for that full screen experience unlike adults. Therefore the bezels were not a major issue for us.


The protection


The Fire HD for kids comes with a rubber casing. The thick casing covers every surface minus the screen of the kids tablet. In our opinion this is a massive plus. The rubber casing makes it difficult for your kids to accidentally damage the tablet when using. Looking at how thick it is, kids will really have to try hard to cause some damage to it. 

Fire HD 8 Kids edition
Fire HD kids edition

If by chance your kid manages to damage the Fire HD kids edition tablet, Amazon will give a full replacement. That is right, a one-to-one replacement absolutely free of charge. This offer lasts 2 years from the date of purchase. This shows how confident Amazon is on its product. For the average parent who does not want to keep buying their kids tablets every month, it is going to be a lifesaver.


Fire HD 8 Kids Edition performance


The tablet was never designed for high performance applications. But what it does give is a solid media experience for your kids. It may not be able to run the latest 3D games but it comes packed with features that suit kids.


That being said, the Fire HD 8 Kids edition still supports a lot of mainstream media apps. It runs applications such as Youtube Kids, Netflix, Zoom, Minecraft and many more without any issues. The Quad Core 2.0 Ghz processor can manage most apps with little to no trouble. Not to mention that the Fire HD for kids comes with 32Gb of inbuilt storage. And if this is not enough you can easily expand the storage to up to 512Gb-1 Tb depending on the model you purchased. This means you will never have to worry about your kids complaining about the lack of space.


Amazon Kids+


The Fire HD 8 kids edition comes with a year long subscription of Amazon Kids+. The 12 month package of Fire HD for Kids unlimited is the major deal. It gives tons of entertainment and educational content for your kids. It even includes Disney, Cbeebies, Nickelodeon and much more. From TV shows, games, movies to educational apps, the Amazon Kids+ has it all.


Fire HD 8 Kids edition parental controls


This is what makes the Fire HD kids edition so good for youngsters. It is very safe. Once you log in to your main account on Amazon, you can control everything. You can limit your child from getting exposed to unnecessary content. This is something that is very difficult to achieve on your standard Ipad or Smartphone.


Our take on the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition


The whole tablet, kids account and parental controls were really easy to set up. In less than an hour we had everything rolling. We were able to set up boundaries within the tablet that limited everything from usage time to the apps that could be accessed by the kid.

The tablet lasted about 12 hours of continuous use, which was not too bad. I mean it is not like we would let the kids be hooked on it for 12 hours straight. But you definitely do not have to stop your work mid-day to charge your kids tablet as it lasts a good 12 hours of use.


The variety of apps and games are lower than what you would get on Play Store or App Store. But we highly doubt your kid would know that. Not to mention this is infinitely safer for your kid online. And a lot cheaper. An ipad would cost almost 4 times the same price. 

From what we know so far, the tablet has better hardware specifications when compared to its earlier models. This does count to a certain extent as it meant less laggy apps and games.


Specials deals


The 2 year warranty on the tablet and the 1 year free subscription is just icing on the cake at this point. If your kid decides to frisbee the tablet across the room, BAM! Amazon will replace it one-for-one with no questions asked. This a one of a kind offer that you do not get from any other manufacturer.


Overall we would give the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition a 5 out of 5.

4.0 out of 5.0 stars