Feast your eyes on the first DDR5 memory modules

Three years after the computer industry promised to double the speed of the world’s computer memory with the DDR5 spec, it’s finally nearly almost here. SK Hynix has officially announced the world’s first DDR5 memory modules. The company tells The Verge it expected to start selling them in Q3 2021, but they’re ready whenever systems can support them.

Here they are:

Image: SK Hynix

Currently, we’re looking at 32 or 64GB to a stick.

SK Hynix claims this DRAM offers up to 5,600Mbps of raw bandwidth — not quite the maximum 6,400Mbps the DDR5 spec allows, but a full 1.8 times faster than standard DDR4, and all at a lower voltage of 1.1V instead of 1.2V, for what SK Hynix claims will be a 20 percent power savings….

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