FCC filing hints at a new Fitbit tracker — but which one?

Close up of Fitbit Inspire 3 screen. The Fitbit is resting on a vibrant green plant.
The FCC filing seems to indicate a Bluetooth-only tracker. The Fitbit Inspire 3 (pictured) is a less likely candidate since it launched just last year. | Photo by Victoria Song / The Verge

It looks like the Pixel Watch 2 may not be the only wearable that Google launches this fall. A new FCC filing for what appears to be a Fitbit tracker also surfaced today. The question is which one, and what does that say about where Fitbit stands?

In the FCC filing, the product is listed as a “Google LLC Wireless Device G3MP5” but doesn’t appear to have anything but Bluetooth connectivity. And while there are no pictures, 9to5Google points out that the device’s e-label will be located in an app via “Settings > Device > Info > Regulatory Info.” That lines up with Fitbit’s previous trackers.

While there have been a ton of Pixel Watch 2 leaks and rumors recently, it’s been quiet on the Fitbit front, so it’s unclear as to which Fitbit…

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