External encrypted hard drive: SecureDrive BT review

External encrypted hard drive


Portable storage options are going through a lot of changes with the advancements in technology. The secureDrive BT is an external encrypted hard drive. But it is not just a regular portable SSD hard drive, it has certain features that make it one of a kind and review worthy. From Defensive measures to counter brute force attacks to high level encryption protocols, the SecureDrive BT is the best at what it does. In this article we will be taking a good look at the device and what it is capable of; its pros and its cons. We will also include our own user experience.


Overall design of the external encrypted hard drive

External Encrypted hard drive

Even though it is packed with extra features when compared to a regular portable ssd hard drive, it is not much bigger than them. The SecureDrive BT has an elegant aluminum finish. The matt blue design gives it a premium look. 

If you want an accurate measurement of its dimensions, they are: Length 125mm x Width 77 mm x thickness 12.5mm. When you compare it to a standard SSD, they are quite similar except that the SecureDrive BT is a tad bit longer.


There are several LEDs on the top of the device and they all indicate a certain status condition.

  1. Red- Locked
  2. Blue- Ongoing Data Transfer
  3. Green- Unlocked


We did find the surface of the SSD to be a bit slippery thanks to its matt finish. So keep that in mind when you are stashing it away; making sure that it does not slide down and fall. The drive was a bit heavy but nothing too difficult to carry out. I mean if you can move about with a 20000 mAh Powerbank then this would be a piece of cake.


The Speed of data transfer


For this test we took the 1 Tb Portable SSD version of the SecureDrive BT. We have to say that the results were pretty amazing. Of course the speeds of the SecureDrive BT were lower than a regular SSD in the same price ratio. But what we need to take to account is the encryption protocols that are in place when data is being transferred. With the level of security and protection the portable ssd hard drive offers, we were really happy with the speed. 


For maximum speed when transferring data we recommend you connect the portable ssd hard drive to a USB 3.0 port.




The main focus of this hard drive is not the speed, but its security. The SecureDrive BT provides a wide range of security protocols that all collaborate to create a strong security network. This enables it to reduce the weaknesses of each individual protocol while collectively increasing its effectiveness


Military Grade AES 256-bit XTS encryption 

This is known to be virtually impenetrable by brute force methods. Certainly no ordinary hacker can ever break into this. According to statistics, it would take billions of years for a hacker to force their way into an AES 256 protected device.


Wireless Authentication

Pair your mobile device wirelessly to the SecureDrive BT. It will allow you to wireless access the drive with ease.


FIPS 140-2 level 3 validated

If your portable ssd hard drive is compromised. You have the authority to remotely wipe its data from anywhere in the world. 


Anti Bruteforce measures

Once the device recognises 10 failed entries. The SecureDrive BT will erase all its contents clean off the drive. 


Carrying case.

The SecureDrive BT comes with an EVA carrying case. This is both shockproof and splash resistant. While it doesn’t really help if the drive gets submerged, the SecureDrive BT is safe from any regular splashes of liquid. It can withstand a drop without damage thanks to its carrying case.


Remote management

This is a separate subscription the user has to pay for once the device is purchased. It allows the user to access the drive remotely through a web portal to carry out specific actions.


The ports and general connectivity 

Portable SSD Hard drive

We believe the ports used are a genius move by the developers of the SecureDrive BT. Instead of having a USB port that will allow all kinds of malware to enter the drive, they have added in an HDMI port.

Don’t worry the package includes two HDMI cables that allows the 1 Tb portable SSD to interact with your laptops and PC’s.


Our verdict


The SecureDrive BT was not too expensive, which is a good start. It cost us only $550 at the time of purchase and this was okayish considering most portable SSDs were at this price range. While the speed of the portable SSD hard drive was a bit slower, we cannot really complain about this. Because the main focus of the external encrypted hard drive is security and not speed. The 1 Tb portable SSD works with all operating systems and does not need any third party software to operate which we felt was a major pro.

The setup procedure did take some time, but if you follow the instructions properly it can be done within 5 minutes. We really liked the manual locking keypad, it gave us a sense of security that does not come with all digital interfaces. When you combine all the different security protocols the SecureDrive BT has in place, the result is an impenetrable layer of security. 


For our customary rating we gave the SecureDrive BT a 5 out of 5. We gave it full marks and our mark of recommendation because it does what it is supposed to do.

[rating stars=”5.0″]

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