Exports in the second half of the year a number of flagship will debut Including Xiaomi MI MIX 4

In recent years, with the development of the all-around screen of mobile phones, people have an increasingly high requirement for the proportion of the screen. The front components of mobile phones are basically hidden, but the front-facing camera is the biggest obstacle, and the under-screen camera technology arises as the Times require.

Since ZTE launched its first under-screen proactive mass production model last year, consumers have been expecting more manufacturers to follow the technology and bring more choices, with Xiaomi, Samsung and others the most enthusiastic.

As the pioneer of the all-screen era, people have higher expectations for the Mi MIX series. There have been many rumors that the Mi MIX 4 will be equipped with the under-screen forward-looking technology, and the screen proportion will usher in a qualitative leap again.

Now, there are some supply chain sources confirming this.

According to @UniverSeice, at least five manufacturers will release models with off-screen camera technology in the second half of this year, after a long battle with the technology.

Among them, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 folding screen will be the first to debut, while the Mi Mix 4 will be the first under screen forward-looking flagship in the domestic market, followed by Oppo, Vivo, ZTE and other manufacturers will follow.

According to previous news, the Mi Mix 4 will not only be equipped with the camera technology under the screen, but also the border control around the screen is also very good, almost achieving the effect of equal width of the four sides, the overall visual effect is very shocking.

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Unfortunately, it has been revealed that the Mi Mix 4 may not have 2K+ resolution due to the complexity of the technology behind the current screen. However, it will have a custom-made high-resolution screen, which will still have a better display than the usual 1080P.

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