Exclusive: Wisconsin denies Foxconn tax subsidies after contract negotiations fail


The Foxconn name displayed outside of an office building on Wednesday, May 8 2019 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Foxconn is a electronics contract manufacturing company, which is constructing a plant in south eastern Wisconsin creating thousands of jobs. | Photo by Joshua Lott for The Verge

Through the many twists and turns of Foxconn’s troubled Wisconsin project, one thing has long been clear: the company is not building the promised 20 million-square-foot Gen 10.5 LCD factory specified in its contract with the state. Even before President Trump broke ground on the supposed factory in June 2018, Foxconn said it would instead build a far smaller factory than it had proposed.

The discrepancy between what Foxconn is doing and what it said it would do in its contract has only grown since then, and it has brought Wisconsin and the company to an impasse. Documents obtained by The Verge show that attempts to renegotiate that contract have so far failed, and today, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), which…

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