Evernote has laid off most of its US staff and will move most operations to Europe

A green background with the Evernote name and logo and the Bending Spoons logo imprinted on it in white.
Image: Evernote / Bending Spoons

Note-taking company Evernote has laid off most of its US- and- Chile-based employees, the company announced yesterday. Now Italian parent company Bending Spoons is taking most of Evernote’s operations to Europe.

The company says the step is intended to “boost operational efficiency and to make the most of the Bending Spoons employer brand, which is extremely strong in Europe.”

Bending Spoons acquired Evernote in November last year, and at the time, Evernote CEO was quoted as saying the deal would help the company work on building new features, using Bending Spoons’ “proven app expertise and wide range of proprietary technologies.” The company previously laid off 129 workers in February, with a Bending Spoons representative telling Tech…

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