EU passes law to blanket highways with fast EV chargers by 2025

A typical scene at ultra-fast charging stations in Europe: everything working and lots of availability. This one had a long protected walking path for the dog along the right-hand side bordering a creek. | Photo by Thomas Ricker / The Verge

The Council of the EU has adopted new rules intended to make it much easier for EV owners to travel across Europe, while simultaneously helping to reduce the output of harmful greenhouse gases.

The new regulation is set to benefit owners of electric cars and vans in three ways: It reduces range anxiety by expanding the EV charging infrastructure along Europe’s main highways, it makes payments “at the pump” easier, and ensures pricing and availability is clearly communicated to avoid surprises.

From 2025 onward, the new regulation requires fast charging stations offering at least 150kW of power to be installed every 60km (37mi) along the EU’s Trans-European Transport Network, or (TEN-T) system of highways, the bloc’s main transport…

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