ESPN Plus is getting its second price hike of 2021 

Disney Plus ESPN Plus Hulu bundle

ESPN Plus monthly and annual subscription costs will go up beginning August 13th, the second price increase for the service in 2021. The new price hike has made the service’s annual plan increase by about $20 this year alone.

A spokesperson for ESPN Plus confirmed to The Verge that the service will hike from $6 to $7, while the annual cost will jump from $60 to $70. Notably, there will be no price increase to the Disney bundle, which costs $13 and includes sister services Disney+ and Hulu. There will also be no change in the cost of UFC pay-per-view.

Disney Plus and ESPN Plus have both gotten price increases in 2021. The sports streaming service’s annual subscription cost increased to $60 per year from $50 in January. The company…

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