Enjoying the World of Vaping with MOTI Vape

MOTI is a modern-day pod company headquartered in the city of Las Vegas. Due to the company’s many years of experience and knowledge of the vape industry, it has managed to develop outstanding vape devices that other companies, in the future, will look to for inspiration and influence.

The parent company, META LAB, the people who own Moti, employs a core management strategy that stems from its experience in the tobacco industry both locally and internationally. META LAB’s team consists of engineers, supply chain experts, designers, and innovators.

Moti has operated its e-cigarette business in China and the U.S for the past decade. As a result, they have founded and co-founded some brands that have gone on to be the best in the American and Chinese market.

Moti’s Products

Currently, Moti is the proud owner of the four high-quality e-cigarette products on the market today. The products include Mojo, Moti One, Moti S and Moti.


Mojo is a compact device that brings with several features. As a result, this product is considered one of the best alternatives to tobacco. Its features include:

1.2 ml Juice Capacity

All MOJO pods come with the right level of juice. Each device is equivalent to one packet of cigarettes.

5 per cent or 2 per cent Nicotine

Each pod has concentrated nicotine flavour that is designed to offer smokers the same level of satisfaction they would derive from a cigarette stick.

Ease of Use

Each pod come fully charged. Once the package is delivered, it is ready to be used out of the box. All a user needs is to activate the product, and o maintenance is necessary. Each pod has a battery capacity of 240 mah.

Ultra-Compact and lightweight design

At the height of three inches, MOJO is well sized and will fit comfortably in small pockets.

MOJO is available in a variety of flavours including:

  • Lemon dessert
  • Cubano
  • Ice Pineapple
  • Cool Melon
  • Strawberry
  • Menthol
  • Peach
  • Classic Tobacco


Moti One is a favourite of many because of its simple filling process. Unlike other pod brands, this one needs the user to press to fill. This saves users plenty of energy and energy. It also offers consumers a lot of flexibility and control to fit a person’s needs and moods. The features of this product include:

An easy to fill mechanism

MOTI ONE offers a convenient refill mechanism. Users only need to insert the nozzle and apply some pressure to break seal and fill the pod.

Ideal for a mature mind

MOTI ONE is a product specifically designed to meet the needs of a mature mind. Its innovative refill system is designed to save users time.

Features a Meta Tech Technology for Pure taste

With its Meta tech heating technology, every drop of liquid achieves the same temperature, ensuring that each hit is sufficient and delicate. Based on MOTI’s heating technology, every element in the pod works harmoniously to offer users flavour and state-of-the-art chic.

Wear resistance and durable

MOTI uses zinc alloys to make their pods. The material is hard to break.

A streamlined design

Polished and smooth in almost all imaginable ways, MOTI ONE’s refined profile makes it a new sleek product.

Plenty of Flexibility

MOTI One offers a lot of flexibility and control to fill mood and a user’s nicotine demands. Consumers have a lot of freedom to choose the flavour they want.

Green Technology

MOTI’s refill technology allows users to recycle pod multiple times. The company believes in saving the planet, so they do all they can to incorporate green technology in their products.


This is one of MOTI’ most intelligent products. Its selling points include:

Bluetooth technology

It features Bluetooth technology and can record a user’s experience with the e-cigarette, like sports bracelet. MOTI S is also able to connect to a monitoring APP to log and generate a report. The report includes the number of puffs it has been puffed, maximum puff depth, the time for each puff and the number of times a consumer uses it.

Three heaters

This device has three different heaters, which are best suited for various kinds of e-liquids. This helps to reduce condensation or a dry burn.


The device is not just a child lock or puff recorder. It can recognise pods, congregates a user’s information, selects the right curve for unique flavours and optimises taste to suit a person’s needs.

Efficient battery management system

The device can enhance taste while boosting endurance.


MOTI is essentially a nextgen pod product that lets users flavour their lifestyles in their unique ways. The device features an elegant refill pod profile. It is one of the best alternatives to cigarettes. The product was designed to provide change in users fighting smoking addiction.

Introducing the most modern pod system, MOTI has managed to deliver a unique vaping experience direct to the user’s palm. Its unique features include:

Delicate flavour and test

The device features a 6th generation heating mechanism that offers stable heating and conduction. Many pores are subjected to even heating offering users smooth and rich smoking experience.

A Perfect Throat Hit

MOTI’s ceramic heating core accurately regulates the heat’s temperature and efficiency, ensuring that the e-liquid is fully vaporised. A consist temperature ensures that there is no charring or bad taste.

Smooth Nicotine Hit

The products use nicotine salt, which creates a rich flavour that is incredibly enjoyable. It feels and tastes like a traditional cigarette.

No Tar

Since MOTI uses atomization to offer the vaping experience, no tar is developed as consumers enjoy the product. Consumers are guaranteed that no carcinogenic compounds will form when using this device. It is also effective at eliminating bad breath and yellow teeth.

No smell or residue

The smoke that comes out of MOTI devices quickly disappears as water vapour. The best part is that the smoke is wonderfully fragrant. The product is skin-friendly, mild and smells of vegetables and fruits. No deposits or pungent smell is formed, as is the case with ordinary cigarettes.