EMUI 11 Alarm Clock Function Changed? VP Responded In This Regard

The alarm clock is a high-frequency function of modern people using smartphones, and it is very important to be reliable and easy to use. A few days ago, some netizens tweeted that the EMUI 11 alarm clock function was changed, and even called it the most unsuccessful feature setting of EMUI 11 so far, not as good as the old version.

Specifically, the user indicated that he wanted to change the alarm clock to mute, but could not find the import, thinking it was invalidated, so he complained.

In response, Bruce Lee the Vice President of Huawei’s mobile phone business responded and explained that Huawei did not abolish the mute of the alarm clock but placed it at the end of the alarm selection menu, and you need to pull down to see it.

Regarding the mediation, Bruce Lee indicated, “In the past, users often mistakenly set a silent alarm clock and missed important arrangements. This modification is to solve this problem.

For the silent alarm clock settings that are low-frequency and cause great harm after misoperation can only be placed in the least prone to misoperation.” Bruce Lee also said that this modification is imperceptible to most users and will reduce the probability of misoperation.

Thinking about the logic of Huawei engineers, it is easy to understand. After all, the function of an alarm clock is mostly “noisy”, that is, it plays a prompting role. Silence and no shock will indeed disturb users at certain moments.

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