Elon Musk capitulates: Twitter will default to dark mode, but still offer a light option

Image: The Verge

Update July 28th, 2:51AM ET: After saying that Twitter, which is currently rebranding to X, would “soon only have a ‘dark mode’” because it’s “better in every way,” Musk now says that “A lot of people have asked to keep light mode, so we will, but the default will be dark and dim will be deleted.” The following article appears as it was originally published.

Just when you think Elon Musk can’t get any more divisive, he’s weighed in on the light mode versus dark mode debate — and Twitter, currently undergoing a rebranding to X, is apparently going all in on the latter. Early this morning, Musk posted that “this platform will soon only have ‘dark mode’. It is better in every way.”

That immediately brought about the usual responses that…

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