Elizabeth Holmes’ lawyers want to know how often jurors blog

Photo by Nhat V. Meyer/MediaNews Group/The Mercury News via Getty Images

The lawyers of Elizabeth Holmes, ex-CEO of disgraced blood testing startup Theranos, have 112 questions for prospective jurors at Holmes’ fraud trial — including how often they check social media and whether they subscribe to Netflix.

As The Wall Street Journal reported, Holmes’ attorneys have just filed a proposed jury questionnaire for her upcoming fraud trial. The extremely detailed 45-page document outlines every possible way Holmes fears a jury could be biased, and part of that apparently involves gauging exactly how online each juror is. Among other questions, jurors are asked:

  • “Do you have an account on any social media platforms? If yes, please identify the platform(s).”
  • “How frequently do you use the platform(s) listed above?”…

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