EleUI – Elephones own UI coming this year

EleUI – Another useless theme on top of Android ?

Many smartphone manufacturers are developing their own UI’s. Actually I really liked Elephone because they kept their smartphones as clean as possible with stock android. But now they decided to develop their own UI. Well this could be good or bad, if it’s really that good optimized as MIUI then I’m okay with it, but I doubt it.

The most common UI’s are Samsung’s TouchWiz and Xiaomi’s MIUI. Both are more a skin that run on the top of Android, but they also add alot of great features which are not included in the stock Android UI. Apart from the design changes they bring to the stock Android UI, most of them bring additional features too. Alot of great gestures that make your life easier or split-screen for instance.

Many people prefer stock Android because they put less load on the CPU and usually tend to run smoother and faster. But the hardware in our smartphones gets faster and faster from month to month, as long as the memory optimization is good, almost every UI will run fine. Many people had chosen the Pure Android solution which Elephone was providing. But that is going to change soon. They also want to provide some extra features to their customers and also kind of say that their phones are optimized. I can’t tell you how good or smooth EleUI will run, but I personally think it’s the right way to go.

Once they also tried to implement their own UI, but went back to stock android. This time it will be different, they try to keep the UI as simple as possible and also provide the best user experience. There is no information on which devices will get the new EleUI, but I persoanlly think just the new released models.