Elephone S8 Bezel-less Smartphone coming soon

Bezel-less Smartphones are really trendy right now. Xiaomi nailed it with the Mi Mix (except of the high price). Now all the others are following the trend which Sharp started years ago. The phone will be Tri-Bezel-less, that means only a border at the bottom. Elephone is usually a company that releases phones which look better on the paper than in reality. For instance the Elephone S7 was a really hyped Smartphone, but in my test it was nothing more than a average low budget phone. You can check my review here:

It is expected to launch very soon, but there is no specific date yet. Elephone is known to release smartphones really fast, which also is bad for the older devices since after some new models they don’t care about the firmware anymore. But to be honest, they definitly improved this the last months.

This time they also said that the backcover will be scratch-resistant (I hated that so much about the S7). This is made possible by their 15-steps engineering process.  Gizmochina received a Prototype of the Elephone S8 a few weeks ago and they said it feels absolutely nice in their hands.

Like many Bezel-less phones, it comes with a bigger display. This time they included a 6″ FHD Display and also it will not be bigger than a 5.5″ Phone due to the removed bezels. The internal storage also increased and they claim a maximum storage capacity of 128 GB.

The photo also reveals a hardware home button at the bottom. Maybe there will be a front fingerprint scanner, but I have to say, the rear fingerprint scanner on the Xiaomi Mi Mix was really comfortable, i can’t imagine a huge device like this with a front fingerprint scanner, but let’s see what the future will bring. The camera of the Elephone S8 is also unknown until today, I just hope that it will be better than the camera of the Mi Mix, because it was really terrible.

On the picture i can’t clearly identify a front facing camera, but probably it’s in one of the bottom corners, just like on the Xiaomi Mi Mix. This felt a bit uncomfortable especially while doing calls. You always had to flip the phone and often i covered the lens with my fingers.

Usually Elephone uses good quality displays, I hope that they will include a good FHD panel in this phone too.

So far there are no news about the chipset or other features, but we will keep you updated and also post our full review as soon as we get our testsample from elephone. Until now, I would recommend NOT to pre-order the phone until the first reviews are online.