Elephone releases another 360° Camera – Elephone Dual 360

Alot of people buy VR Headsets right now for gaming or entertainment. But still there is not alot of good content and producing 360° videos is not easy and usually expensive. There are already some cheap 360° cameras on the market, but they all have a low resolution and usually bad quality. A couple of months ago I could test the first Elephone camera, the Elecam 360. You can find my video review here:

The Elecam 360 was a huge fail in my opinion. Well the Videoquality was okay, but editing a pain and it did overheat. Even the display showed vertical lines because of the massive heat dissipation, for me it was unusable. Now they announced a new dual 360° panoramic camera which you can easily connect to your smartphone like a ricoh theta s. It will be fully capable of delivering 360° photos and VR videos. Beside that, it  will also enable instant sharing and live streaming.


The new  Dual 360° camera is designed to be portable and light like a Gear 360 and offer great images and Videos. With its 360° X  360°dual fish-eye lenses, you can capture immersive 360° photos and videos. One great new feature is live streaming, alot of affordable 360° cameras could not livestream, except of the aLLie camera and some others, but they are also expensive with around $400-$500.

As we already know from elephone, the company will definitely give the camera a quite affordable price. So stay tuned and check the official website for more information. We will keep you updated and post our review of the Elephone Dual 360° camera very soon.

For more details, visit Elephone Official Page http://elephone.hk