So I received my new Elephone P8000 last week, and have been slowly getting used to it.

So here some thoughts

Firstly as others have mentioned, it is a heavy device, due to the massive 4000+ mAh Battery, but its really not that bad, and you get used to that extra weight quickly, in fact it goes a long way to feeling like a very well built device IMO.

The device does look very nice, and feels great in your hands, very smooth operation with zero lag swiping through pages.

I have to say the WiFi (for me at least) is awesome! this P8000 downloads files and apps faster then any other device I have had in the last 3 years (and I have had quite a few) web browsing is smooth and without hesitation, and watching Video’s/Movie’s is also a pleasant experience.

As ITX mentioned in his video review, the back cover is hard to take off, but that has gotten much easier after a week.

The camera is really nice, great close up shots, and decent all round functions.

For a light user like me this device will last a week without any problem, and I imagine a moderate to heavy user should see 2/4 days without any need for charging which is great!!

I managed to Root and install a custom recovery in less then 3 minutes so no issue there.

Now for the negatives.

No gestures means no double tap to wake which is annoying if your used to having this, no LED notification (this was not including in the first batch of pre-orders) again a little annoying as you have to click the power button to see if you missed anything, and also to turn on the screen.

The Back/Home and Menu are also not backlit 🙁

I am unsure if this has Gorilla Glass or not? most reviews say not, but the adverts all say “Cornering Gorilla Glass” meaning you need to be careful (I just got a £5.00 case off eBay to protect) and the massive Black border looks a little odd IMO.

The Sim tray’s and SD card tray are a little bit of a fiddle too, with a look back to the old Nokia and Samsung flip devices, where you have to lift and pull the small metal flap then slot your cards in place (no indication as the which way round, but its pretty obvious) not really a negative just a bit old school? and as I have Nano Sim cards, this meant having to use adapters.

Although the battery is huge and long lasting, charging even using the so called Elephone “Fast charger” takes a long time, I mean like 5+ hours!! I know this is a big battery, but I get the feeling the “Fast Charger” is more of a gimmick then anything else, as it takes the same time using a normal charger.

The Elephone stock launcher is not something I like, as it has no app drawer, more of case of small folders where you place apps on your home page, as I like a very clean home page this is a negative for me,

Having Two folders on my home page (which I could not delete) is ugly, but using Nova launcher solves this issue.

Start up animation is probably the most boring I have seen, but not really a negative, just an observation.


Would I recommend the Elephone P8000?

Yes without a doubt.

The price is fair, and the device is good.

Not a device for anyone who has small pockets, or likes to forget they have a phone on them (damn heavy lol)

But overall I have had much worse devices for more money!

Marks out of 10?

I would give this a solid 7

These are just my personal thoughts, as a lot of reviews are based on just opening the box, switching the device on, and then forming an opinion based on that,

So I thought I would give you my thoughts after using this device for a week “in the real world”

Hope this helps if you are considering getting One of these

Any questions just ask