Eachine Falcon 250 Pro Review – The Best Entry Level Race Quadcopter 2017

The perfect “Entry Level” race quadcopter

Last month I saw some videos about FPV quadcopters and this totally stunned me. I saw this video where they were driving in a car and chased the car with the quadcopter.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQkOoqHm7O8[/embedyt]

After this i had to get a racedrone. So I checked out banggood.com and grabbed the newest eachine falcon 250 pro, but is it good for beginners ? Eachine Falcon 250 Pro FPV Quadcopter — https://goo.gl/VhwEvu

Eachine is a manufacturer from china which gained alot of popularity in the last years. They now make great  FPV Quadcopters and this is also their main focus right now. They have now released the Falcon 250 pro, which is their latest model.The Falcon 250 pro comes in a box with the pre assembled drone, the transmitter, the battery, charger and a set of spare rotors. There is also a non-pro version that has been released a year ago, there are some minor differences to the old version. The Falcon 250 is a great FPV quadcopter for those of you who have a little flying experience as the Falcon comes ready to fly (you don’t need to fiddle with the flight controller settings). This kit comes fully assembled and you’ll be flying within minutes of receiving the quad. But well, not for me.

The most visible changes are regarding the design. There are changes with the vibration dampers and aluminium standoffs that are now black/silver, whereas in the older falcon 250 they where all painted red.There are now some forward looking bright white LED’s and at the back you have a LED bar that changes the color depending on what you are doing. They go green when flying forward, red when breaking, and the side LED’s will flash when turning. Also the Pro version now has new motor mounts (which are still inclined at 10 degrees) made of clear plastic which illuminate because of the built in LED’s.

It still got the same things which also the non-pro version included, like a camera in the front, a standard CC3D board, same 1500mAH battery and the nicely built carbon fibre frame. It comes with an Eachine branded 1,500 mAh 3 cell battery giving you 8-10 minutes fly time depending on the weight and speed, the Falcon can aslo be upgraded to 4 cells. The 700TVL HD camera 40 Channel video Transmitter inlcuded can be used for streaming and can also be adjusted, well its no gimbal but some vibration damping rubber mount. Right now I don’t own FPV goggles, that’s why i just used my action camera for recording and couldn’t fly any spectacular circuits.

The remote included is a basic remote that comes with alot of those race drones. It was preconfigured, but the configuration was weird, i couldn’t arm the motors as stated in the user manual and also the AUX channels were bounded to the rotation knobs and they had no function at all. Luckily the Quad comes with a usb port on the side which you can easily acces. Just connect it to cleanflight and reconfigure your switches. I found a great guide on the internet, unfortunately after i almost chopped my finger off, but it explains exactly how to set it up and get rid of the preconfigured settings which totally suck.

Also the battery powered remote can be configured and it comes with a trainer connector on the back and a hidden menu that reveals the settings. In there you can reconfigure everything from the switches to your sticks and add different models. Too bad that there was no good user manual included, which makes it hard for a beginner like me to check out all the settings. It also has Auto-protection built-in so that if the propellers come into contact with any object, the ESC will stop immediately, but well I messed all that up in cleanflight. The fan blades can be removed as usual, and you should always do that before you start to mess with the settings in cleanflight. By default there is not the latest version installed, but the guide i linked you in the description explains it pretty well.

Check this Guide here on how to setup your Quadcopter : http://www.phasercomputers.com.au/2016/09/eachine-falcon-250-pro-review-guide-setup-cleanflight/

Overall the Falcon 250 is an outstanding all around package and if you’re a beginner it’s not a drone that can be outgrown quickly. I flew it twice before i messed up the settings
and i have to say its really fast, it was very hard to control for me as a beginner because of the high speed, but also that means you can really grow your experience with the
drone. It’s high speed and aggressive flight characteristic make it a total blast to fly.

Reasons to get the Falcon 250 Pro

  • Designed for high speed, with a max speed of about 150Km/h maximum speed with 10° angled motors.
  • It includes everything you to get started. (you still need 4x AA batteries for Transmitter)
  • Now includes an OSD overlay to view battery voltage, flight mode, arm status etc
  • New ESC that have motor stop protection, (the motors will stop if it detects the propellers are jammed
  • Adjustable camera mount angle to suite all levels of FPV pilots. You can also attach your own action camera or GoPro on the mount.

Checkout my full video review here:

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