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DJI Osmo Action Camera Review: A Strong Competitor for GoPro Hero 7

DJI Osmo Action Camera 6

DJI launched the OSMO Pocket 3-Axis Stabilized Handheld camera in 2018. Its specifications were quite good to make us think it was a competitor for GoPro Hero7. The advantages of DJI OSMO Pocket camera are the small size of the 3-axis stabilizers. While the advantage of GoPro Hero 7 is the accumulation of motion cameras. But now, DJI OSMO ACTION motion camera has been launched, and it will be the strong rival for GoPro.


The size of OSMO Action is small, which looks like an automobile data recorder. The internal part is made of magnesium alloy frame, and the external part is made of PC plastic and soft rubber package which is processed specially, which makes sure the camera has a sturdy design and good holding.

DJI Osmo Action Camera

The most attractive point is the dual screen design. It has a 2.25-inch rear touching home screen having the resolution of 640 x 360 pixels. The monitor surface is covered with AF coating for oil drainage and antifouling. Some common operations are mainly completed through this home screen.

There is a 1.4-inch screen having a pixel density of 300ppi. It is used for showing the real-time shooting picture, recordable time of SD card, battery level, and other information.

The brightness of the two screens is up to 750cd/m2, which can be seen clearly. Also, the OSMO Action has a built-in heat conduction system. It directs the heat generated by front screen and battery to the lens metal shield and metal heat sink placed on the front of the camera, that is to ensure the heat level of the camera is at a reasonable level.

There are a power button and a capture button on the top side, and a switch button is on the left side. It is there to switch the front screen to rear screen and common modes operation.

DJI Osmo – Performance

The dual screen viewfinder feature is the most attractive point. The GoPro Hero 7 has a screen on both sides, the front screen is a monochrome LCD screen. It can only display some information about the phone’s current operation, which is not a viewfinder. Therefore, GoPro Hero 7 just to be a single motion camera, which is not quite suitable to take vlogs.

DJI Osmo Action Camera 2

Due to the small size of the OSMO Action, the front screen can act as an auxiliary viewfinder with a variety of accessories. The lens also supports the replacement of the filter.

It’s easy to switch between the front and rear screens, double-clicking the home screen with two fingers or pressing the buttons on the side.

Overall, the dual screen of OSMO Action is suitable for Vlogger. In addition, the port of OSMO Action is compatible with most of the accessories of motion camera at the market.

DJI’s Action OS

OSMO Action runs DJI’s Action OS for scenes used in motion cameras. The operation is simple, which can operate it by sliding the screen. In addition to the regular screen touching operation, OSMO Action can also use the physical buttons with dual screens to switch the camera modes. Users can also click the shooting button in accordance with the preset shooting mode to snapshot even if the camera is off.

What’s more, OSMO Action can be controlled by voice. Simply speak a specific command for the motion camera, and the camera will automatically complete the command. OSMO Action currently supports five voice commands like filming, capturing photos, and powering down the device effortlessly.

Camera capability is an important indicator of a motion camera. Let’s check out how the OSMO Action camera performs.

DJI Osmo Action Camera 3

OSMO Action comes with a 12MP wide-angle lens with f/2.8 and FOV of 145 degrees and has a built-in 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor. It is easy to shoot a video that simulates first-person vision wearing on the head or chest.

Anti-shake Comparison

Anti-shake performance has always been a key factor for motion cameras, so we test the anti-shake performance.

DJI Osmo Action Camera 4

GoPro 7 adopts HyperSmooth anti-shake technology, which is to achieve electronic anti-shake by movement compensation. While the OSMO Action adopts RockSteady stabilization technology, which comes with the latest stabilization algorithm researched by DJI. It identifies the shaking in all directions and eliminates it effectively. This technology can make sure that it preserves the camera’s normal steering motion at the maximum while eliminating shaking.

DJI Osmo Action Camera 5

OSMO Action has other features in video mode, which supports the 8x slow motion, Time-lapse and timed shooting mode.

In the default single shot mode, the user can adjust the photo’s exposure, sensitivity, shutter speed, and other common operations. It also supports 120s custom exposure settings and stores RAW files.

DJI Osmo Action – Battery

OSMO Action has a 1300mAh battery, it supports a Type-C port and charging time is about 88 minutes. A fully charged battery can support video recording at regular video mode for up to 40 minutes.