DJI Mavic Pro – 5 reasons why it is the best drone of 2016!

After a long search for the right drone to buy, we found the greatest one. On Techmagnet we tell you 5 Reasons, why the DJI Mavic Pro is the best drone of 2016.

5 Reasons why the DJI Mavic Pro is the Best Drone 2016

Reason #1 Size
The Mavic Pro, the newest flying camera from DJI, that you can stow in baggy pockets or an XL fanny pack. Its so small that it almost fits in my jacket bags or a small backpack. It´s a real transformer. From a small brick not bigger
than 2 cheeseburgers you can unfold it into a super stable flying drone with an awesome 4K camera. As a tech Reviewer i travel alot to various product launches, i already wanted to buy a phantom 4, but to be honest, its way too big.
I cant carry a huge backpack with me all the time. First of all it looks stupid and second its heavy. With the new DJI mavic pro, you can go on a trip and all you need for stunning aerials is just that small drone and the remote. And
even the remtoe control is supersmall compared to the phantom.

Reason #2 Battery life.
The new battery is just great. It gets you almost the same battery life as a phantom 4. 20-25minutes depending on the conditions and temperatures which is really good. Charging time is around 1hour which is also fast.
So if you have a couple of spare
batterys and chargers you can fly almost the whole day. The remote can also be charged with a powerbank because it just needs a micro usb port. If you smartphone has not enoug battery, dont worry, the remote will charge it too.
Also its possible to fly the mavic pro without the remote and just use your phones wifi, but to be honest i wont use that because the range is limited to your wifi range.

Reason #3 Performance.
Even though its so small and ligthweight, it fly´s totally stable in the air. The responsivness and speed makes flying fun again. With up to 40mph the mavic pro is really fast. But also it has safety features and it can avoid
obstacles, which was for me as a kind of beginner, a very good feature. The stability is just great, when i tested the maximum flight height during my 3rd flight, i was really nervous. In hungary there were strong winds and i
couldnt see the drone anymore. Still on the screen it looked so smooth like there would be no wind at all, i could land safely without a problem but afterwards i had to grab some new pants.

Reason #4 Camera Quality
Its equipped with a 4K camera and super compact 3-axis gimbal. Something i didnt like is that you have to focus by tapping and i always forgot it. But still the camera quality, if you keep the size in mind, its just impressive.
The GoPro Hero 5 mounted on the Karma has a wider field of view, and a bit more dynamic range. But still the mavic delivers a great looking footage. Also tripod and follow mode is great for filmmaking.
At shorter ranges, this tech can even stream footage to you at 1080p resolution, allowing photo and video downloads at 40Mb/s – which is absolutely crazy.

Reason #5 Controller and Usability.
To be honest it´s my first drone, i guess many of you watching this video will be at the same point where i was a week ago. Which drone should i get as a beginner? And the mavic just made it. The remote is very easy to use, its super
stable and the obstacle avoiding system works great too. You can get it up in the air withing a minute from the folded state and flying has never been easier.