DJI announces Ronin S 2 and Ronin SC 2 gimbals

Courtesy of DJI

It’s been well over a month since DJI teased its new products, but today it officially announced two new gimbals — the Ronin S 2 and the smaller Ronin SC 2.

Both three-axis gimbals come with upgrades you’d expect — stronger motors, heavier payloads, lighter materials, but also some software features we haven’t seen yet. Before we get to that, let’s start with the hardware changes on the RS 2.

The more professional gimbal out of the two is now made with carbon fiber and is 1.3lbs lighter than the original Ronin S, weighing in at a total of 2.86lbs. DJI says the RS 2 supports maximum dynamic payload up to 10lbs. It can theoretically hold even heaving rigs, but you probably won’t get ideal performance with that.

The gimbal also comes…

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