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The SN60 Smart Wristband is a wearable technology designed to enhance your fitness journey and streamline your daily tasks. With its sleek design, advanced features, and affordable price point, it has quickly gained popularity among fitness enthusiasts and tech-savvy individuals. This review will delve into the design, features, and performance of the SN60 Smart Wristband, highlighting its standout functionalities and benefits.


The SN60 Smart Wristband boasts an eye-catching design featuring a metal body paired with a comfortable silicone band. Combining these materials not only lends durability to the device but also ensures a snug fit on the wearer’s wrist. Its compact dimensions of 47.53511.3mm and light weight of 60g contribute to a comfortable wearing experience, allowing users to wear it throughout the day without discomfort.

The centerpiece of this wristband is the 0.96″ OLED screen, which delivers a sharp and vibrant display with a resolution of 96*96 pixels. The touch-sensitive display is intuitive and easy to navigate, providing quick access to various functions and information.


The SN60 Smart Wristband is packed with an impressive array of features, catering to both fitness and productivity needs:

The wristband offers essential fitness functions such as Time and Date display, Pedometer (steps), Calorie tracking, and Distance measurement. These features enable users to keep track of their daily activity levels and progress toward fitness goals.

Compatible with Android and iOS devices, the wristband delivers real-time notifications for calls, messages, WeChat, WhatsApp, and other apps. With its vibration and light-on feature, users can stay informed without constantly checking their phones.

The SN60 includes a comprehensive set of health monitoring tools, such as a Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, Blood Oxygen level measurement, and Sleep Monitor. These features empower users to monitor their health and make informed decisions proactively.

For sports enthusiasts, the wristband offers a range of sport-specific tracking modes, including Running, Cycling, Football, Swimming, Table Tennis, Badminton, and Climbing. These sports modes accurately record performance metrics, encouraging users to stay active and achieve their athletic targets.

The wristband has handy utility functions, including a Stopwatch, Raise-to-Wake screen, Find Device, Sedentary Reminder, Alarm Notification, Drinking Alarm, Calendar, Calculator, and Remote Camera control. These features add convenience to everyday tasks and enhance the overall user experience.

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The SN60 Smart Wristband is a feature-packed and stylish wearable that seamlessly integrates into your fitness and daily routine. Its durable design, comfortable fit, and advanced functionalities make it a standout choice in the competitive intelligent wristband market.

For a limited time, the SN60 Smart Wristband is available at an incredible Banggood offer of just $21.43, making it an irresistible deal for anyone seeking a reliable fitness companion. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your fitness journey and stay connected on the go with the SN60 Smart Wristband.

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