DBPOWER Action Camera

Cheaper alternative to a GoPro ?

Today the DBPOWER 4k is the entry-level model. In recent years, Action Camera’s has turned its attention of general buyer . The interest turned its back on extreme sports, but it’s building cameras that can capture footage worthy of broadcast. This particular model a tiny camera that can shoot in 4K.

Design & Built Quality

DBPOWER has a series of well-implemented ideas.The back is dominated by a color display makes it easy to see what camera is shooting or to change camera settings You could, of course, bypass the LCD and use your smartphone or tablet not only for live view, but also to easily change settings. Wi-Fi does eat into battery life to much. On the sides is a rhombus pattern that adds extra grip if you do not use the attachment or water prof case.

The new sealed splash-proof case is obviously standard like the camera, but features the same spring-loaded buttons just like the all cases has. If you have a large selection of mounts and accessories, they will still work with the DBPOWER . The lens cover is round, and the replaceable lens piece is now recessed flat to the frame of the cover .


Remote Control has two buttons to turn off / on shooting or taking pictures.But I am disappointed that it is not water resistant, when I received the package did not work, I dismantled the decomposition and was rust. I have cleaned and now it works but it is disappointing that it is not really waterproof, or the seal is weak or I think the weak point is on the buttons.

Another problem is the strength of attachments. After a short use, one of them has already cracked. This is another big disappointment but at least they came at the package at no extra cost. The good part is that the gripping systems are compatible with others on the market and you can buy better spare parts or better quality ones.


I am very happy with the video performance of the 170° wide angle lens . There are now a total of 6 different resolution and frame rate combinations. 4K 25fps , 2.7K 30fps, 1080p 60/30fps, 720p 120/60fps .
Overall, for an action camera, takes even decent-looking photos , although those are 12-megapixel per frame. This amounts to 4,000 x 3,000 but it’s all about the video.
Video quality is relatively smooth, colors are accurate, and image noise is handled well – pretty good all-around, You won’t notice these as much if you’re posting to YouTube or viewing at smaller sizes, but be aware when watching on larger-screen displays.

Battery Life

The 1050 mAh capacity is very good to film long takes . But the rage depend on resolution frame rate and if WiFi is active or not. As with any action cam, in general battery life is ok, especially drops down if you up the resolution. We recommend carrying a portable USB charger for extra juice or if you can stop the recording change it whit the extra battery. Overall you’ll get a bit more than 2 hours of continuous shooting.
Also powers off automatically after shooting, which helps to prolong the battery.


Camera is good for the price video quality is good also battery life , What is let is down picture quality and poor quality accessories. But always keep in mind the price under 100$ is a steal.

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What You Get
1x DBPOWER 4K Action Camera
1x Selfie stick
1x Waterproof Shell
1x Remote Control
2x Rechargeable Batteries
1x USB Cable
1x User Manual
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