Comes with eart Rate Monitor

BlitzWolf BW-AT2 Smartwatch is a sweet Smartwatch that watches out for a jumbling. The best screen your succeeding and progress incessantly. It is an astoundingly conceivable game watch that works in Heart Rate, Blood Pressure Monitor, and created running improvement modes for decision. Have such a watch. light your centrality for work out.

Show and Design

The smartwatch has an unsafe and light body with an extraordinary silicone lash (twofold tone) and with tempered steel get. The wearable has an IP67 waterproof rating, life waterproof from hand washing, precipitation, or sweat. it has an interfacing with the look and with widescreen. It goes with a 1.3 inch Screen.

BlitzWolf BW-AT2 Smartwatch

BlitzWolf BW-AT2 Smartwatch is an ideal pick for the people who are limiting for an objective yet dazzling smartwatch. The smartwatch has an IP67 waterproof rating made to withstand sprinkles out of water and twister other than. It can without a huge level of the stretch procedure with a touch at a time waterproofing.

BlitzWolf BW-AT2 Smartwatch


BlitzWolf BW-AT2 Smartwatch has a pedometer, beat screen, circulatory strain screen to screen your succeeding, and sports work out. Likewise, It is other than crushed with a beast level of cutoff centers, for example, multi-sport mode, pack counter, calorie counter, call, and message alerts. There is a social application notice, for example, Facebook and Twitter.

BlitzWolf BW-AT2 Smartwatch

Also, It can unequivocally screen beats and the dynamic and resting beat changes to make a position beat report. Sponsorship beat screen and blood oxygen screen. (It’s a non-fit clinical mechanical party, circulatory strain information is in the like course as a critical point of view.

BlitzWolf BW-AT2 Smartwatch

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BlitzWolf BW-AT2 Smartwatch has the standard call and message alerts, the social application sees, stopwatch, cleared photography, morning clock, music control, fixed update, drinking update, torpid. You can without a totally astounding stretch buy this from Banggood at $29.99.  All in all, what are you sitting tight for?

300 pcs limited for the first batch at the lowest price now.

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