Comes with 1.4inch Touch Screen IP68 Waterproof

Realme Watch is a sweet Smartwatch that watches out for a puzzling. The best screen your succeeding and progress ceaselessly. It is an astoundingly possible game watch that works in Heart Rate, Blood Pressure Monitor, and composed running improvement modes for choice. Have such a watch. light your centrality for work out.

Design and Display

The Realme Watch will accompany a 1.4″ TFT LCD touchscreen show with a 320×320 goal. The battery inside the watch will be 160mAh in-limit, which could give you around 7 days of existence with 24-hour pulse checking. The design is the best and comes in a compact size. Also, It’s easy to carry in your hand. So, don’t worry about its weight it comes in lightweight.

IP68 confirmation, pulse sensor, and exercise following are among the normal highlights. One of the reactions of the watch will be the GPS work; It is said that there will be no inside GPS every hour. This implies that you need to take the telephone with you for distance following in running, strolling, and different games.

Realme Watch


What’s more, Realme Watch is pre-introduced with 5 dials and supports the determination of more dials under the APP and synchronization to the watch. From the UI menu, the capacities are generally finished, fundamentally covering most application situations of smartwatches.

Realme Watch

Realme Watch has the standard call and message cautions, the social application sees, stopwatch, cleared photography, morning clock, music control, fixed update, drinking update, slow. Also, It comes with Connectivity Bluetooth of 5.0 / realme Link APP / Android 5.0+. There are also many more features.  Automated Heart Rate Measurement / 24-hour Real-time Heart Rate / Resting Heart Rate / Exercise Heart Rate / Heart Rate Alert / Blood Oxygen Measurement / Sleep Detection / Steps Throughout the Day / Calories / Distance / Water Reminder / Idle Alert / Activity Records

Realme Watch

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You can without a truly noteworthy stretch purchase this from Banggood at $42.99. With everything considered, what are you keeping it together for? Realme Watch is the best smartwatch in the market. Also, It gives you so many features with the best design. More, It has the best 1.4inch large touch screen where you can see anything clearly.

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