Cloud Eye

The World’s Smallest Live Camera

If you’re in the market for a new drone for sure you will need a camera to mount and not hinder your mobility . I will try help you make the best choice of a mini camera based on your needs.

Design & Built Quality

The single most significant feature on the Cloud Eye is definitely its simple design. Is is white Cuboid and just a red strip in the back that also is a place to fix it on a carrier.
Weight is only 20g , is incredible light but sturdy. Cloud Eye is wifi camera that will not hinder drone performance.
Plastic body did not bend under stress and did not crack after i drop it some times. On back side you have on/off and reset buttons, also Micro-USB charger port.
Glass also seems to be good quality , I usually carry the camera in my pants pocket whit car keys , coins and other metal objects and until now i did not see a scratch on the glass .


Here is some disappointing the camera itself is admittedly rather lackluster compared to what’s available. The 2 Megapixel dose a bad job capturing colors. It can shoot in 1080p but is interpolated and no digital stabilization.
That said, the cameras flaws and shortcomings are mostly made up for with size factor.

Battery Life

The 180 mAh capacity seems to be sufficient t film , but the wifi seems to drain the battery fast also if you light up the LED it seems to drain the battery fast . Good thing is that you can connect to an external Power Bank by built-in Micro-USB port to charging it and extend the recording life of Cloud Eye Camera.


For me the app is a little bit clunky and very few features at this moment . The big thing marketing boosting is that you can store the footage on a cloud for free. An good feature that they did not include at this point is that you cannot download the footage , also link’s to social media is just don’t work .
What i don’t like also is that app is not present on app-store and you have to download it from company site . That is really hard , all is Chinese and for a international market is not appealing .And i don’t mention that is really risky to install app’s from an unknown source .

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