Chuwi UBook X Tablet VS CoreBook Pro Comparison Review

The Chuwi UBook X Tablet doesn’t simply keep the fabulous presentation, conservativeness, battery life, and incredible U-shaped area yet, likewise, changes the 16:9 perspective extent to 3:2. In addition, the screen is climbed to 12 inch 2K IPS screen. While Chuwi Corebook Pro accompanies a 14-inch screen. It has thin edges and its 2560 × 1440 pixels 100% sRGB show makes it a certifiable minimal reduced film. It’s most up to date with the most recent innovation from Chuwi.

Chuwi UBook X Tablet


Chuwi UBook X Tablet workstations and tablets rely upon a 16: 9 perspective extent. In any case, after the dispatch of Microsoft Surface course of action things, the 3:2 renames screen extent. The inspiration driving why Microsoft so vigorously recommends this screen extent is that 3:2 is as a general rule close to the A4 standard paper extent. You can pass on it as a book.

Chuwi UBook X Tablet

Chuwi Corebook Pro screen gets a 14-inch 2K objective IPS board with a full-screen structure. The high screen-to-body extent brings a dazzling starting presentation, and the substance grandstand is touchy and clear which is sensible for long stretch seeing.

Chuwi UBook X Tablet

Using Chuwi UBook X Tablet in any scene looks not unusual. In like manner, it is amazingly significant for text applications, for instance, taking notes, scrutinizing advanced books, and getting ready records. Other than that, you can have an undeniably eminent visual experience when watching movies or visiting destinations with the 3:2 perspective extent screen.

Chuwi UBook X Tablet

It a 3:2 point of view extent, which is progressively fitting for the benefit, can show more substance than 16:9 screens under comparative office reports, web examining, and data seeing circumstances. There is no convincing explanation a lot of the time turn pages and slide the material wheel to complete work and study even more capably. It weighs 1.53 kilos and is 36.2 cm wide, 24.2 cm significant and 1.59 cm thick. It is as such a 14 inch limited and light enough to allow a basic turn of events.

Chuwi UBook X Tablet is simply 9mm thick and contained lightweight aluminum-magnesium amalgam. One of the most striking structures is the ceaselessly adaptable U-shaped segment, in which you can change different focuses and structures according to the using scene.


Chuwi UBook X Tablet has a 12 inch 2K(2160*1440) IPS contact screen to show the most touchy exhibit for the picture and text. The screen gets a 3:2 point of view extent arranged as same as the Microsoft Surface game plan things. It has dynamically vertical space and an expanded substance introduction domain. It isn’t critical to once in a while turn pages or slides the mouse wheel when planning reports, which is expected to improve office benefit and efficiency. Additionally, the screen supports contact and pointer as well. The most raised degree of weight affectability can be 4096. It can present to you a smooth and careful experience when you note or draw.

Tablet structure is profitable for visiting destinations and redirection. By then change the U-formed segment to stay on the deck for watching movies. You can even partner the appealing console to the diary mode to engage capable substance input. UBook X can be using in any scene perfectly and passed on to any place because of its thin and light body and the U-shaped segment.


The Chuwi UBook X features Intel N4100 processor, 4 focuses 4 strings, turbo repeat 2.4GHz. It can without a very remarkable stretch adjust to the step by step office and diversion needs. While exhibiting capable yield execution similarly as keeping up low power usage and improving battery life. 8GB LPDDR4 twofold channel memory and 256GB SSD amassing are suitable for step by step use. With the base of Windows 10, the speed of playing out numerous assignments establishment and programming response rushes to improve efficiency colossally.

The Chuwi CoreBook Pro features the Intel Core i3 processor, iris 50GPU,8GB DDR4 memory. Additionally, It has 256GB quick SSD amassing, which can beneficially yield on account of the work environment and various scenes. More, Its Perform different undertakings trading is smooth without stopping, which unfathomably improves client profitability.


Chuwi UBook X Tablet is a glorious choice for whom much of the time works in the groupings scene. Notwithstanding what outside office, home redirection, or homeroom learning uses as viably as could be normal in light of the current situation. In addition, various features like 2K objective, 3:2 viewpoint extent, and quick SSD are moreover practical. The Chuwi Corebook Pro is a mind-blowing little PC. The 3:2 point extent is a demanding eye-opener. Additionally, It’s remembering that we can grumble about the Skylake-based Intel processor. It passes on some astoundingly solid benchmark numbers. Both are easily available at Chuwi Officials

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