Chuwi the First Launch of HiPad Plus, The Nice Looking and Entertainment Tablet

Chuwi has unveiled the HiPad Plus, an Android tablet with all-around hardware and a focus on video and entertainment. In terms of configuration, the 11-inch HD 2K screen, the 4:3 aspect ratio suitable for entertainment, and the high efficiency and high-speed performance support make this entertainment tablet easy to use in scenes such as watching movies and playing games. The iPad Plus is now available for the pre-launch event from February 5th to February 21. The official price is 299, and the launch event price is $249.


  1. $50 discount coupon
    How to participate: During the event, for entering the event page of Chuwi’s official website to subscribe to your email in advance. And you will receive an email containing a $50 Coupon Code. You can use the Coupon Code to purchase HiPad Plus.
  2. Lucky Draw
    Participate in the GIVEAWAY raffle during the warm-up period for the chance to win the HiPad Plus. There are two machines in total in the draw.
  3. The local warehouse delivers the goods at top speed
    After the event, European users will deliver the products from the overseas warehouse in Spain, and users in other regions will use DHL logistics to deliver the products to users for using the tablet as soon as possible.

2K resolution and 100% RGB

The HiPad Plus screen uses an 11-inch 2K resolution IPS panel, with fine and clear images and text display, which is suitable for a long time viewing. And full-screen design to bring a shocking first impression! The color gamut is close to 100% SrGB, which makes the light areas have details and the dark areas more profound. The images are lifelike to bring an immersive watching experience when playing the movie.

The graceful craft of the fuselage

The whole machine is made of aluminum alloy and carved by a CNC cutting process to make the whole machine have no stitching holes. The thin body is only 6.9mm and weighs up to 1.1 pounds.

Powerful hardware combination

The processor adopts eight-core MediaTek MT8183 and each composed of four A73/A53 architecture cores. It has a balance between performance and power consumption, and a more integrated dual-core AI processor. Powerful computing power makes your tablet more intelligent which helps it learn user habits. The Mali-G72 core graphics card can play 4K movies or large 3D games with ease.

HiPad Plus has an 11-inch 2K screen, thin and light metal body, powerful CPU processor, and other features, which is very suitable for video entertainment and gaming purposes.

Chuwi Hipad Plus will be launched on Shopify on the 22nd, and the released coupons and other promotional activities are also very attractive. Subscribe to the email to get a $50 coupon. The price is only $249, and you can ship the product immediately after the end of the campaign, which is a good opportunity to start. For details on the product and activity page, please refer to the official website of Chuwi.

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