Chuwi SurPad Ultra-Thin Android Tablet Performance Test Exposures

Chuwi recently launched an Android tablet – SurPad. This product on the basis of full portability, but also in the functional features of many selling points. High texture metal body, 10.1 “all fit the screen, FHD resolution, feel and look are excellent. In terms of performance, with 8 core processors and super-fast UFS storage. It is suitable for use in a variety of scenarios. It also supports dual-card 4G LTE network, GPS positioning, 2-IN-1 configuration, and other practical features. At present, the real machine performance experience has been released. The following to see how the actual performance of this product.

First, let’s take a look at the main parameters of SurPad as a whole:

  • Helio 8 core MT677V processor
  • Mali G72 GPU
  • 128GB UFS high-speed flash memory
  • DDR4 4 GB of memory
  • The other parameters
  • 542G light metal body
  • 10.1 “IPS screen
  • 1920 * 1200 resolution
  • The double card 4G LTE


For the CPU performance test, Geekbench 5 was first used for a round of running scores. The final score of this 8-core Helio processor in the CPU part: single-core 301, multi-core 1414, And OpenGL1146 were relatively good, which were enough to cope with the smooth use of most apps in daily life.


The GFXBench is a tool for in-depth testing of THE GPU. It runs large-scale 3D game scenes to test the performance of the GPU. In the test, SurPad performed well in the frame number of images loaded with HD resolution. It should be noted that the test content of GFXBench was all high-load 3D game images, so SurPad’s performance would be better in mainstream daily games and light games.

This is also true in the actual experience. When running the casual game Super Mario Run and the popular game Minecraft, the game screen is very smooth with sensitive operation feedback and excellent game experience. Even in slightly larger games like Wild Speed 9, SurPad’s performance is still very smooth, the game operation is sensitive to the hand, with the metal body round chamfering, the comfortable grip feels.

UFS Storage

In addition to Samsung’s flagship tablet using UFS flash memory, currently, Android tablets on the market are still using the old eMMC storage. Compared with eMMC, the performance of UFS is self-evident, and the theoretical reading and writing speed is about 3 times that of traditional eMMC. In order to bring a better user experience, advanced UFS storage is used inside this SurPad.

In the actual test, the average read speed is maintained at 463.29MB/s, and the peak value can reach 552.35MB/s. With excellent flash memory performance, it is believed that such a read and write speed is more efficient in daily experience, especially when dealing with large files.

The chuwi Surpad was equipped with Mali G72 GPU, which measured and decoded 4K ultra HD video very smoothly. And with 10.1 “high resolution, it could bring an exquisite and gorgeous movie watching experience.

SurPad also has a 2-in-1 property. It can connect the magnetic attraction keyboard into the form of a notebook. It is more suitable for use in productivity scenes such as an office. Its more convenient to output text or makes PPT. It’s an efficient assistant for light office.

From the above performance tests and experiences, it can be seen that Chuwi Surpad, as a thin and light tablet computer weighing only 542G, performs well in performance. It can deal with many daily use scenarios, such as video, video, games, and light office efficiently. It is an ultra-thin and light Android tablet with an excellent comprehensive level. For more SurPad products and sales information please pay attention to the Chuwi official website.

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