Chuwi Surpad Tablet Vs Hipad X Comparison Review

Chuwi starting late dispatched an Android tablet – outperformed. This thing dependent on full accommodation, yet moreover in the utilitarian features of many selling centers. Chuwi Surpad Tablet is here and gives you such a great amount to utilize. The brand promotes the Chuwi Hipad X 4g tablet as an ideal instrument for both gaming and diversion. Let’s review both and them and compare.

Plan and Display

In the first place, we ought to examine the essential limits of SurPad all things considered. Additionally, It has a high surface metal body, 10.1 “all fit the screen, FHD objective, feel and look are wonderful.

The Chuwi Surpad Tablet was outfitted with Mali G72 GPU, which assessed and decoded 4K ultra HD video without any problem. Moreover, with a 10.1 “significant standard, it could bring an impeccable and beguiling film-watching experience. Likewise, The Chuwi SurPad also has a 2-in-1 property. It can relate the appealing interest support into the sort of a scratchpad. It is more proper for use in proficient scenes, for instance, an office. It’s more accommodating to yield text or makes PPT. It’s a successful partner for light office.

Chuwi HiPad X is made of full metal, weighs just 550 grams, and is 9.5 mm thick. You can grasp it serenely and not feel tired for quite a while because of its round bezel plan. The 10.1 inch IPS screen embraces a fully covered cycle. Furthermore, with the HD goal of 1920 * 1200, HiPad X can show you an exact and sensitive picture. Furthermore, the screen can be seen and painted with a pressing factor touchy 1024 pointer pen.

From the above introduction tests and experiences, it will, in general, be seen that Chuwi Surpad, as a feeble and light tablet PC weighing simply 542G, performs well in execution. It can deal with various step by step use circumstances, for instance, video, video, games, and light office viably.

Chuwi Surpad


For the CPU execution test, Geekbench 5 was first used for a progression of running scores. The last score of this 8-focus Helio processor in the CPU part: single-focus 301, multi-focus 1414, And OpenGL1146 were reasonably adequate, which were adequate to adjust to the smooth usage of most applications in regular day to day existence.

Chuwi HiPad X highlights an elite Helio 8-center processor and Mali G72 GPU, supporting standard portable gaming and appreciating amusement and film seeing. 6GB LPDDR4X memory and 128GB UFS streak stockpiling can make performing various tasks run productively and easily. UFS stockpiling gives an incredibly quick encounter to regular use, which is multiple times quicker than eMMC and loads quicker when playing huge games.

Chuwi Surpad


To the extent execution, with 8 focus processors and super-speedy UFS amassing. It is suitable for use in a grouping of circumstances. It furthermore supports twofold card 4G LTE association, GPS arranging, 2-IN-1 arrangement, and other realistic features. As of now, the authentic machine execution experience has been conveyed. The going with to see how the genuine execution of this thing. Chuwi HiPad X has other extra credits to add focus to the experience. It bolsters the fast 4G LTE organization (double SIM).

Chuwi Surpad


The GFXBench is an instrument for the through and through testing of THE GPU. It runs enormous extension 3D game scenes to test the display of the GPU. In the test, SurPad performed well in the packaging number of pictures stacked with HD objective. It should be seen that the test substance of GFXBench was all high-load 3D game pictures, so SurPad’s introduction would be better in standard regular games and light games.

This is moreover clear in the certified experience. When running the nice game Super Mario Run and the notable game Minecraft, the game screen is uncommonly smooth with tricky action analysis and fantastic game knowledge. In fact, even in possibly greater games like Wild Speed 9, SurPad’s introduction is still astoundingly smooth, the game action is fragile to the hand, with the metal body round chamfering, the pleasing hold feels.

Chuwi Surpad

Chuwi HiPad X high-accuracy GPS situating framework can control you when you get lost driving or outdoors outside. With the docking interface, you can transform the iPad X into a PC by associating a console. Peruse records and PPTs anyplace, whenever. Implicit 7000mAh huge limit lithium battery, with the new Android 10 framework profound enhancement, the battery life can be appreciated and played without stressing over the battery life.


Chuwi Surpad Tablet is an excessively humble and light Android tablet with a grand complete level.  As a diversion tablet, Chuwi HiPad X has numerous champion settings and Android 10.0 for defining moments. Besides, it is additionally a helpful office colleague with highlights like two-in-one, 10.1 inch full covered IPS screen, and so forth. Both are best with their own features. buy now from Chuwi Officials 

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