Chuwi new CoreBook X will be upgraded to a beast with all-around productivity.

Recently, according to the official news of Chuwi, they will release a newly upgraded CoreBook X laptop in early May, with a 14-inch 3:2 productivity screen, and its various configurations will be upgraded, focusing on the all-around productivity. The release of new products for the upgrade of CoreBook X is undoubtedly the trend of the rapid growth of market demand, positioning the precision market.

Global shipments of personal computers (including laptops and desktops) rose 32% to 69.9 million units in the first quarter, the fastest pace in 20 years, Reuters reported, Gartner Inc. In the era of the global digital economy, PC computers, as a productivity tool, will be more promising and become a hot new category of PC. The new CoreBook X is born according to the definition of ” an omnipotent productivity tool” and can be called a little monster. It serves for the improvement of user productivity by virtue of all-around strength and balanced product experience.

14 inches 3:2 screen improves efficiency in an all-around way

The new CoreBook X uses a 14-inches 3:2 screen, which displays nearly 20% more content vertically, reduces frequent page flipping, and inspires more comprehensive wisdom and creative efficiency. Compared with the traditional 13-inch, 14-inch micro-edge full screen, it has more advantages, with 2K ultra-high resolution and 100%sRGB color gamut, it can restore the immersive picture experience.

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New configuration upgrades for faster processing

The new CoreBook X features an Intel 8-generation Core i5-8259U processor and iris plus 655 core GPU. Compared with the 10-generation Core i3-1005G1 overall performance increased by 86%; multi-core performance increased by 51.5%; with higher computing power, fully meets the needs of office production. The new product comes with 8GB DDR4 high-speed memory, 512GB solid stat-disk; supports 1T SSD hard disk expansion, and provides faster read and write processing speed.

Light and thin metal fuselage built for good business experience

Styling is also in line with the needs of the business market. The whole machine uses a more portable metal light fuselage, thin to 20.6mm; weighs only 3.3 pounds, with an 8-hour battery life to meet the needs of office products for a whole day.  A new full-size backlit keyboard is used to press the keys to fit the Radian of the fingers; to bring a comfortable experience and reduce fatigue.

Overall, the CoreBook X performance is fully balanced; the 14-inch productivity screen highlights and the product has a good comprehensive sense of experience; which is suitable for empowering the dream productivity. It will be a good choice for office business users. The new CoreBook X  will be released in early May and is expected to cost $599. Let’s look forward to it. For More information visit on official chuwi website.

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