Chuwi LarkBook An Ultrathin Notebook Available From December 15th to 22nd

Chuwi’s product range continues to grow. The brand has announced that its new laptop, the Chuwi LarkBook, scheduled for online availability on December 15th, 2020. This new model will stand out for being ultra-thin and very light, so it is an ideal option for productivity for many users. A complete model, which maintains the adjusted price of the brand. Its weight of 1 kg is something that makes this laptop ideal to always carry with you, such as when you have to work or go to study. So it is the laptop that many users have been waiting for.

The Chuwi LarkBook has a 13.3-inch IPS screen, a good size for working and studying, as well as viewing multimedia content, which also has a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. Despite this screen, it maintains a thickness of just 11.9 mm, which makes it easy to transport at all times, in addition to a weight of only 1 kg. Comfortable and lightweight, always available to use. This model comes with an Intel N4120 processor with a 2.4GHz clock speed, so we can expect good performance from you, making it a very complete laptop. In addition, we can easily play videos in 4K, for example, ideal for watching content online and on streaming platforms.

This processor is a notable improvement over the previous generation of Intel; as it has a performance improvement in single-core and multi-core, of 45% and 90%, respectively. This is something that will help users with this Chuwi LarkBook to have a smooth user experience at all times. The power consumption in the laptop is low so; that you will be able to enjoy good autonomy when you are using it at all times. It also has a fan that helps make it silent and allows good operation. The DTS sound built into the notebook allows a good experience when listening to music; watching videos, or working, such as when making video calls.

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