Chuwi Global Shopping Festival arrives, Many Discounts are as Much as 40% off

AliExpress Chuwi Global Shopping Festival has been officially open! Chuwi for laptop, tablet, mini PC series hot models have a preferential price. Recently launched new products such as GemiBook Pro is also involved. In addition to product price, and the highest $50 coupons, bargaining by sharing, Giveaway, and many other activities will attend the promotions, too. Let’s find some information about them.

Sales promotion activity

  1. Coupons:
    $50 limited coupon: Start at 10.28 and follow the instructions on the event page Gameland for a chance to get a $50 limited coupon.
    General coupons: coupons at 199-5, 299-10, 399-15 can be collected from the event page and used when purchasing products on 11.11.
    Fan coupon: $5 coupon for new followers.
  2. Bargain by sharing: You can participate in share bargaining during 11.3-11.13, Up to 99% off.
  3. Giveaway: The event hold during the 10.28-11.10.

Everything about the above activities for details.


Chuwi GemiBook Pro – 14inch powerful practical office book

Chuwi GemiBook Pro has a 14-inch 3:2 IPS screen, 2160*1440 resolution to bring exquisite and comfortable display. It is more efficient to use in productivity scenes such as office work. With Intel J4125 processor, 16GB large memory, 521GB SSD storage and support the latest WiFi6 network which makes it has many high hardware parameters to create a highly competitive office productivity book.

Discount price: $379.99  $419.99

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The Chwui Hi10 XR — 10.1-inch Entertainment & Light Office tablet

It’s the latest model in the classic Chuwi Hi10 series, with a 10.1-inch IPS fully compatible touch screen, 1920*1200 resolution can bring shocking use experience. A brand new Intel N4120 core and 6GB RAM, 128GB ROM can meet many scene performance requirements. It also supports an external keyboard which is helpful for more efficient content output.

Discount price:$249.99  $259.99

Chuwi HeroBook Plus — 15.6-inch Cost-effective office Book with Large Screen

The 15.6-inch 1080P screen can improve the experience under many scenes, and the video and audio display effect is lifelike. The new Intel J4125 core performance, 16GB large memory, 256GB high-speed SSD; which is enough to meet various daily office and design drawing requirements and other higher requirements. It is very cost-effective in the same configuration model.

Discount price:$399.99  $449.99

In this Chuwi Global Shopping Festival, Chuwi brings many products with preferential prices, including the newly launched new models, and the maximum coupon is of $50. At the same time, the products also maintain an excellent standard. In several new products, all equipped with the new processor and the large memory storage is now the best time to take them home. You can participate in many activities now and use coupons when they officially start on November 11. Please refer to the specific activity information and purchase link for details.

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