Chuwi CoreBook X Test Exposure, Strong i5 Processor to Bring Sufficient Power for The Experience

The Chuwi CoreBook X, a high-performance productivity laptop owned by Chuwi, has a  14-inch 2K resolution screen, and other excellent external configurations. In terms of internal performance, it adopts an Intel Core I5 high-performance processor, 16GB dual-channel large memory, and 256GB high-speed SSD. Its excellent performance configuration is bound to improve the user experience of various scenes. CoreBook X running measurement has been exposed, the following from the objective data to see how the performance.

Performance configuration:

  • Intel Core I5 processor
  • Turbo frequency of 3.5 GHz
  • Iris Plus Graphics 650 Graphics card
  • 16GB dual-channel memory
  • 256 GB SSD
  • Support NVMe protocol M.2 SSD expansion
  • A full-function Type – C

Other configurations:

  • 14-inch 3:2 aspect ratio on the screen
  • 2K resolution
  • Light metal body
  • 46.2WH battery capacity

Performance test

The detailed information of this I5 processor can be seen in CPU-Z. A dual-core four-thread design is adopted, and the turbo frequency can reach 3.5ghz. Single thread: 395; Multithreading:

Next, professional CPU scoring software GeekBench 5 was used for a comprehensive test, and the final score was Single-core 954; Multicore: 2221. This kind of performance can be said to be quite good, in addition to daily use for office and other requirements can be easily competent, At the same time for slightly larger applications such as design drawing, video clip, also runs with ease.

In contrast to the previous generation of Skylake processors, the performance gains were also significant, with single-core and multi-core performance increasing by at least 50 percent.

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Under the CPU and GPU comprehensive performance test, the built-in Iris Plus Graphics processor 650 core Graphics running frequency can reach more than 1 GHz. Using the Cinebench R15 rendering test, the final test results: 370 CB and OpenGL grade 72.12 FPS. This GPU performance is better than most Intel core Graphics on market. And there is no question of mainstream online games.

Finally, the SSD reading and writing speed test is carried out. The CoreBook X has 256GB high-speed SSD storage built-in, and also supports NVMe protocol M.2 SSD extension. In the actual test, the SSD reading and writing speed of the body is maintained at around 500MB/s, so there is no problem in daily smooth use. It is believed that the NVMe protocol SSD will show high-speed performance.

Based on the above tests, it can be seen that Chuwi CoreBook X performs quite well in terms of performance. With a high-performance I5 processor, 16GB large memory, and high-speed SSD storage, it provides better satisfaction for the diversity of office requirements. It can not only cope with simple daily office work perfectly but also run applications with higher performance requirements. The built-in core graphics card did well and should do well in games and entertainment. Chuwi CoreBook X Product details and purchase links Here.

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