ChatGPT can now remember who you are and what you want

Illustration of the OpenAI logo on an orange background with purple lines
Image: The Verge

The newest feature of ChatGPT is designed to help you type a little less. It’s called “custom instructions,” and it gives you a place to tell your chatbot the things it should always know about you and how you’d like it to respond to your questions. The feature is in beta, works everywhere ChatGPT does — it should be particularly helpful on mobile devices — and is available today on an opt-in basis to ChatGPT Plus subscribers everywhere but the UK and EU. (Those are hopefully coming soon.)

“Right now, if you open up ChatGPT,” says Joanne Jang, who works on model behaviors and product at OpenAI, “it doesn’t know much about you. If you start a new thread, it forgets everything you’ve talked about in the past. But there are things that…

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