Calibre: The First Of Its Kind, Most Accurate Wearable Calorie and Fitness Tracker With Real-Time Results

Breath measurement and breath-based metabolic tracking have been known to sports medicine for over a century and remain the ultimate go-to tool for medical professionals and exercise trainers. It is the only reliable way to measure real-time calorie expenditure, true fat burn, oxygen utilization, aerobic fitness, plus other metabolic parameters. The tools to measure breath have been out of reach for the average person – until now. Calibre is the first wearable device that brings professional-grade respiratory tracking and calorimetry to consumers.

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The first of its kind

Unlike popular trackers that mostly measure motion and pulse, Calibre is the world’s first wearable device that measures the volume and the composition of your breath, continually and precisely. The data is used to give you medically accurate biometrics – previously only available in hospitals – via the app in real-time. The app analyzes everything from oxygen use and CO2 production to breath volume and rate. It determines total calorie, fat, and carb burn with chemical precision, plus a host of other respiratory and metabolic parameters like ketosis or hyperventilation, according to a press release.

Works anywhere, anytime

The team at Calibre Biometrics has created a groundbreaking device that combines an entire “metabolic cart” into an ultralight wearable tracker that delivers biometric data to your mobile phone. It weighs under 50 grams and is designed for reliable use in almost any setting or activity.

Measure, compare, improve

Calibre measures, stores, and displays data from your workout sessions or any other activities – even just sitting at your desk. This allows you to compare & contrast the influences and changes in your body over time. Users are now able to better understand the influences on their metabolism and performance so they can improve their overall fitness and health.

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“We are a no-nonsense technology company that is essentially democratizing a method long used by the pros. No gimmicks or BS here. Although the data you obtain is jaw-dropping for sure, our focus is to make a wearable device that is affordable and comfortable,” said Dr. Udi Meirav, an MIT-trained physicist and the inventor of Calibre.

Customizable dashboard via Calibre App

Amongst the many parameters the Calibre App tracks, the customizable dashboard lets users view the metrics they care about most to help track their metabolic health and fitness goals.

Feature Highlights

  • Precise tracking app
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • 14+ hours of battery life
  • Easy to wear and clean
  • Compact and portable
  • Effortless breathing

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About Calibre Biometrics

Calibre Biometrics was founded with a vision of bringing the richness of breath measurement and metabolic tracking to consumers. They believe that meaningful, reliable data can facilitate improved health and performance and that everyone should have access to the wealth of information carried in their breath.

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