Brilliantly Warm: First-Ever Wearable for Women Who’ve Had Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Brilliantly Warm, the first-ever wearable for women who have had breast reconstruction surgery, is now available for pre-order. Brilliantly Warm is a discreet, rechargeable, heated bra insert designed for women who have had breast implant reconstruction and, as a result, experience an overwhelming sense of coldness. Brilliantly Warm is iOS app-controlled, allowing users to manage the temperature of their device with ease and in any environment – the office, outdoors, or at a social gathering or event. Having sold out in its first week of sale in July, Brilliantly Warm is now accepting pre-orders. The wearable is priced at $180.

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“Mastectomies leave too little fat to insulate an implant and keep it at body temperature. This means in the winter, or in an air-conditioned office, women with implant reconstruction are often uncomfortably cold,” said Kristen Carbone, CEO and Founder of Brilliantly. “My own preventative mastectomy and reconstruction provided me with peace of mind, but it also had an unexpected impact on my life. Today, I am excited to announce a solution to help women like me feel comfortable in any environment.”

Brilliantly Warm is informed by a four-year development cycle that included an examination of a number of fabrics and heating solutions, and user testing and research into how people perceive temperature. Brilliantly Warm’s lab-tested warming technology is designed for safe everyday wear and can be paired with almost any bra, reports BusinessWire.

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Carbone is also the founder of Brilliantly, a community-based platform to help women embrace their lives after confronting breast cancer.

“Post-surgery, I couldn’t find the right kind of long-term support for navigating life after a mastectomy or breast cancer. That’s why I started Brilliantly – a community focused on fostering resilience, acceptance, and belonging,” added Carbone. “It not only serves as a resource for women navigating what it means to be whole, it creates opportunities for us to connect and inspire each other.”

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About Brilliantly

Brilliantly helps women with the transition from confronting breast cancer to embracing life through innovative products, thoughtful content, and relevant services. So far we’ve started a portrait project, released a corrective exercise video series, hosted events, and featured interviews and blog posts on our online journal.

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