Bond, Uncharted and Ghostbusters movies all just got delayed

Photo: DANJAQ and MGM / Nicola Dove

Hollywood has decided tonight’s the night to shove back their slate of films — including James Bond’s latest outing No Time To Die, the Uncharted movie, and Ghostbusters: Afterlife. No Time to Die now has a release date of October 8th, Ghostbusters will be pushed back five months to November 11th, and Uncharted now won’t arrive until 2022, Exhibitor Relations reports.

Bond was the big film whose third delay was enough to force theater chains Regal and Cineworld to close all their US and UK locations. It was originally slated for April 2020, then got pushed back to November 2020 and now to April 2021. If you’re counting, this news marks the fourth delay. Instead of releasing the movie on streaming, as other studios have been doing, MGM…

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