BOE new 20:1 strip panel brings crisp 4K resolution to digital billboard


BOE Display is one of the leading names in display technology. The company has built a reputation for itself in the aspect of LCD screens using its proprietary Advanced Super Dimension Switch (ADSDS) technology for liquid-crystal display (LCD) panels. The Chinese firm has also made some inroads into the aspect of OLED displays but still fall behind Samsung and LG when it comes to OLED panels. BOE has been striving to catch up with Samsung and has now unveiled a new OLED screen which ranks as the world’s first 20:1 strip screen.

BOE – 4K Resolution Strip PanelBOE

The screen gets up to 4K resolution (that is 3840×160pixels). This could result in the best clarity despite the small size. The display content can also be viewed from a long distance. The strip screen has a size of 1209×63mm. The display also comes with a narrow bezel design, unlike the traditional displays. The borders are just 6.4×6.4×5.7×7.3mm thick.



As to the application, BOE says the display strip can be used in supermarket shelves, in business districts, by advertising practitioners. The display can have a useful application in the smart traffic display field, as a prop in theatres and for children’s toys. Since they are promoting it for outdoor use, the display may also be able to withstand extreme weather conditions like sunshine and rainfall. The display may also have low power consumption.