Bluesky posts are finally visible if you’re not logged in

Image: Bluesky

Bluesky remains an invite-only decentralized Twitter alternative, but now, you don’t need to be logged in to be able to see posts on the platform, according to a blog post from Bluesky CEO Jay Graber. You can now see posts from both the web and from the Bluesky app — like this one.

If you want to prevent logged-out users from seeing your posts, you can “discourage” that by clicking a toggle in settings. But Bluesky notes that “other apps may not honor this request” and that the toggle doesn’t make your account private.

“Bluesky is an open and public network,” Bluesky says in a note under the toggle. “This setting only limits the visibility of your content on the Bluesky app and website, and other apps may not respect this setting.” In…

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