Blizzard nerfs Diablo IV character builds ahead of new season launch

Screenshot from Diablo IV featuring a close-up on the face of the demonic monster Lilith
Mom took away your favorite toy because she said you weren’t playing fair. | Image: Blizzard

Nothing brings together a community of gamers quite like a balancing patch to their favorite numbers-go-up game, does it? That’s what Blizzard’s new version 1.1.0 patch is doing for Diablo IV players, and the chorus being sung in unison by hardcore players is quite the tantrum.

But here’s the thing: Blizzard really has mucked things up at a very inopportune time.

Diablo IV’s patch 1.1.0 dropped yesterday, just two days before the start of the game’s first seasonal content drop, the Season of the Malignant, which will have players start fresh characters to run through a new quest line and premium battle pass. But within the lengthy patch notes were a large swath of changes significantly shaking up the potency of many popular character…

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